Fætter Fætter

Fætter Fætter is the one and only toast-bar on the block
This is what happens when two friendly and easy-going cousins (“fætter” in Danish) dream of an eatery built on simplicity, good times, and prices that won’t break the bank. Fætter Fætter proves that only your imagination is the limit to the way you can compose a grilled cheese sandwich - or a “toast” as it is usually known in Denmark.

You can choose between many different kinds of toasts – with avocado, cheese and ham, tuna, their dessert toast and much more. OR you can opt for the full menu with their “When in Rome… Try it all” serving and a cold bottle of Lambrusco.

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Griffenfeldsgade 17
2200 København N


+45 42 92 73 72


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Longitude : 12.55464867156
Latitude : 55.68817026579