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Where to eat on New Year's Eve in Copenhagen

Many Copenhagen restaurants are open on New Year's Eve with special menus and late opening hours so you can end the year on a high note and kick off a new decade in style.

Most restaurants in Copenhagen offer special New Year’s Eve events and menus. To help you a bit in the jungle we’ve listed some recommendations below. These are restaurants that vouch for quality all year round but are looking to do a little extra on this special night. From the extravagant and luxuries for those who go all-in, to the more price-focused for partygoers on another budget. Note that some of them close before midnight, while others continue the party after.

Where to eat on New Year's Eve in Copenhagen | Nimb

The restaurants inside Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens is home to many and very diverse restaurants serving special New Year’s menus this night. The theme park is also known for their spectacular fireworks which you can experience from inside the garden at 23:00. For the party, check out Nimb or head out and into the city after dinner.

Hanzo is one of Madklubben's moderately priced restaurants in Copenhagen.

The Madklubben restaurants

Madklubben is a universe of restaurants spanning from rule-bending Asian food at Hanzo to pizzas, Middle-Eastern and classic bistro cuisine at different restaurants spread across Copenhagen. Common for the food empire's restaurants are reasonable prices, informal vibes and delicious food.

Things to experience in Copenhagen during Christmas include the annual Christmas decorations put on display at the historic Hotel D'Angleterre.

Fine and festive Michelin dining at this historic hotel

The Michelin-starred Restaurant Marchal on the ground floor of the historic Hotel D'Angleterre is always a good call if you're going all in on seriously delicious fine gastronomy. And on the final day of the year, why not do exactly that? 

The restauant at Hotel SKT PETRI is one of many places you can eat on New Year's Eve in Copenhagen.

New year's special at Hotel SKT PETRI's restaurant

The iconic Hotel SKT PETRI is not only welcoming people (with a distinct taste) for a good night's sleep in cool surroundings. The place also packs a serious punch when it comes to the food. Use this night to experience for yourself. 

Copenhagen - an all-year "gastropole"

Highlights from the culinary capital of Copenhagen, serving up all kinds of delicious foods at restaurants, food markets and "pølsevogne" 365 days a year.