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Where to eat on New Year's Eve in Copenhagen

Photo: Anders Bøggild

Many Copenhagen restaurants are open on New Year's Eve with special menus and late opening hours so you can end the year on a high note and kick off a new decade in style.

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Most restaurants in Copenhagen offer special New Year’s Eve events and menus. To help you a bit in the jungle we’ve listed some recommendations below. These are restaurants that vouch for quality all year round but are looking to do a little extra on this special night. From the extravagant and luxuries for those who go all-in, to the more price-focused for partygoers on another budget. Note that some of them close before midnight, while others continue the party after.


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Where to party and other kinds of inspiration

If your restaurant closes before midnight and you want to head out and be a part of the party that continues through the night, we suggest you browse for some inspiration in our guide to Copenhagen's nightlife. Please note that you might need to buy admission tickets to some clubs on this particular night. Check out their websites in advance.

Where to party on New Year's Eve in Copenhagen

New Year's Eve is a big night in Copenhagen. Simply walking through the streets can feel like a party, with fireworks and champagne flowing through the streets. In case you want more than that, this guide will help you sort out where you should be sipping your champagne.

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