Holistic gourmet experience at restaurant Alchemist in Copenhagen

Denmark's 10 best restaurants according to White Guide

Get to know the best of the best among all of Denmark's many top restaurants, ranked by leading Nordic restaurant guide, White Guide. With the vast majority located in Copenhagen, there is no doubt about the capital's high level in gourmet dining and other gastronomic experiences.

On White Guide's 2020/2021 top-ten list, eight restaurants are located in Copenhagen or just outside the city center. These eight are featured below for your inspiration if you're going for the sublime gourmet dining experience in Copenhagen. The list can also be displayed on a map. Get ready to seriously kickstart your appetite! 

Also featured on White Guides top 10 are Restaurant Lyst in Vejle and Restaurant Syttende in Sønderborg.


Portrait of Alchemist

We visited Rasmus Munk and his brand new, rule-bending gastro temple in Copenhagen's Refshaleøen district. 

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