Harbour bath in Copenhagen

About Planet CPH

Planet CPH is an app that inspires to be a sustainable traveller. It presents visitors to sustainable points of interest in Copenhagen and the surrounding region and aims to inspire for future sustainable decisions and actions after the user’s return home.

The app, Planet CPH is created by Wonderful Copenhagen - The official tourist organisation of Copenhagen and the Greater Copenhagen region. 

With a holistic approach to sustainability, including all three bottom lines (environmental, social and economic), Planet CPH highlights aspects of Copenhagen that combine great experiences and elements of sustainability within one or several of these three types of sustainability. This way, Planet CPH wants to inspire long-term and global, urban solutions that are more sustainable than the norm, as well as green and sustainable behaviour of users while in Copenhagen.

Two kinds of content

Planet CPH is a location-based app that serves the user with two different types of content: Nearby sustainable points of interests (POIs) with relevant information and video and text guides with different sustainability topics (for instance biking).  

How is content selected in Planet CPH?

Every experience, being an activity, a shop, eatery or something else is subject to individual evaluation, and must showcase concrete sustainability initiatives to be featured in the app. It can be either be environmental, social and/or economic sustainability.   

The content in Planet CPH is curated by an editorial team from a holistic approach to sustainability. The ongoing selection of experiences in the app is constantly evaluated since many POIs will always overlap with the three sustainability bottom lines  just like many of the defined tips and inspirational guides tap into one specific type of sustainability. All kinds of tourist relevant experiences in Copenhagen and the capital region of Denmark can be considered in the app when complying with the sustainability criteria. Besides, the app contains a broader group of businesses with Copenhagen’s experience economy, as a means to positively influence the positive economic effects of these businesses during and in the aftermath of the corona crisis that has had an enormous negative effect on this industry in Copenhagen and elsewhere.

Examples of content under the triple bottom line of sustainability

Environmental sustainability: Biking, activities in and around the clean harbour, clean drinking water in tabs, restaurants using locally-sourced, organic produce, shops with second-hand or sustainably produced goods, businesses with a focus on resources and circular economy, and organisations working with green energy, green sourcing processes and/or biodiversity.

Social sustainability: Public spaces democratically designed for good living, parks and gardens and other places that encourage social togetherness, cultural meetings, interactions between locals and visitors. For instance, communal dining but also organisations with altruistic programs and socially sustainably work environments with focus on education and diversity.

Economic sustainability: Smaller, independent shops with locally produced goods/crafts/designs and galleries where the cashflow remains in the local area or the city. Economic sustainability also includes sharing economy, platform economy and local organisations with a clear ethical economic profile.

How the COVID-19 pandemic changed the purpose and scope

In light of the global pandemic hitting Copenhagen in Spring 2020, Planet CPH is launched with content that showcases how Copenhagen and Denmark has handled the situation, and why our capital is widely considered a safe, clean and highly organized destination to visit.