Day trips from Copenhagen

With everything from stunning nature to world-famous castles - and even a different country - just a short train ride or drive away, there are plenty of reasons to take a day trip from Copenhagen or go beyond Copenhagen for a couple of days.

Here are some different tips for day trips to take from Copenhagen out in the Greater Copenhagen region regardless if you're travelling to Copenhagen with family, in a small or large groups or by yourself. 

Elsinore - Home of Hamlet and Kronborg Castle

Located just 40 minutes north from Copenhagen, Elsinore is where history meets the sea, and cutting-edge culture meets the city's rough seaport heritage.

Quick guide to Swedish Malmö | VisitCopenhagen

A quick guide to Malmö right across the sound

Right across the sound from Copenhagen, only a short drive away you’ll find the charming Swedish city of Malmö. 

Vikings on Roskilde Fjord | VisitCopenhagen

Guide: The Vikings' Roskilde

Once the capital of Denmark, Roskilde oozes of history and is a must for anyone with a knack for Vikings.

Møns klint

South Zealand and Møn

South of Copenhagen is a country with steep cliffs, flat shoreline meadows and idyllic islands with unequalled nature experiences inculding a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Odsherred | Day trips from Copenhagen

Odsherred: Culinary countryside and beach vibes

Scenic region one hour’s drive from Copenhagen with sandy beaches, scenic hilltops and a popular summer vacation destination among Danes.

Day trips from Copenhagen | Dragør

Dragør: Fishing village in Copenhagen's backyard

Visit a charming little coastal town just 40 minutes from Copenhagen by public transport.