Day trips from Copenhagen

Imagine a region  surrounded by a  raw, unspoilt coastline, blessed with endless horizons and peaceful beaches. The home of white limestone cliffs, hundreds of small islands, ancient  green forests, inspiring  design, architecture and culinary innovation. The gateway to two nations,  with the  vibrant capital city of Copenhagen at its heart.

Kronborg Castle. Photo: Thomas Rahbek

A day along the coast

Just an hour north of Copenhagen you can explore stunning nature, fascinating historical castles, world class art and much more. Find inspiration here.

Majestic Frederiksborg Castle

Quick guide to Swedish Malmö | VisitCopenhagen

A quick guide to Malmö right across the sound

Right across the sound from Copenhagen, only a short drive away you’ll find the charming Swedish city of Malmö. 

Vikings on Roskilde Fjord | VisitCopenhagen

Guide: The Vikings' Roskilde

Once the capital of Denmark, Roskilde oozes of history and is a must for anyone with a knack for Vikings.

Elsinore - Home of Hamlet and Kronborg Castle

Located just 40 minutes north from Copenhagen, Elsinore is where history meets the sea, and cutting-edge culture meets the city's rough seaport heritage.

Forgotten giants | Photo: Martin Heiberg

Find the six hidden giants

Enjoy nature in areas close to Copenhagen and find the six giants made from recycled wood by artist Thomas Dambo. 

Skjoldungernes Land National Park outside Roskilde

Skjoldungernes Land National Park: Surrounded by nature

Skjoldungernes Land is a national park just outside Roskilde with lush forrests stretching along the fjords and inlets.

Møns klint

South Zealand and Møn

South of Copenhagen is a country with steep cliffs, flat shoreline meadows and idyllic islands with unequalled nature experiences inculding a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Odsherred | Day trips from Copenhagen

Odsherred: Culinary countryside and beach vibes

Scenic region one hour’s drive from Copenhagen with sandy beaches, scenic hilltops and a popular summer vacation destination among Danes.

Day trips from Copenhagen | Dragør

Dragør: Fishing village in Copenhagen's backyard

Visit a charming little coastal town just 40 minutes from Copenhagen by public transport.