The Danish cuisine

Seasonal ingredients. Organic. Innovative. These are just some of the words describing the Danish and New Nordic cuisine today. In the past, Danish food was not on anybody's lips, and certainly no one would travel to eat it. This has changed drastically with the opening of the world's best restaurant, noma, in Copenhagen and the Manifesto for the New Nordic Kitchen. Nowadays, Copenhagen is one of the leading gastronomic destinations in the world. Dig in!

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See where to eat in Copenhagen

Copenhagen restaurant guide

Bistros, food markets, budget and Michelin-starred restaurants. Let's guide you to the best.

Danish Lunch

Top 10 Danish lunch

Get a truly unique Danish food experience at lunch, when the unique smørrebrød (the open faced sandwich), is served. Both classic and the modern versions.

Reffen | Photo: Astrid Maria Rasmussen

Copenhagen food markets

Go nuts in food trucks and fresh groceries. Good, sustainable, organic street food is gaining ground in Copenhagen. 

New Nordic Kitchen

Guide to the New Nordic Kitchen

The New Nordic kitchen is characterised by its uniquely Nordic identity among the world’s greatest cuisines and by its commitment to organic, sustainable and local products.

Il Buco | Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Perfect spots for candle-lit dinners

Candle-lit spaces, sharing plates and cozy secret settings is ensured in this list that’s collected some of the more kissing-friendly establishments around town.

Gemyse | PR Photo

Organic restaurants

Copenhagen is a green city and that also reflects in the restaurants. Many of the Copenhagen restaurants go for an organic or largely organic menu.

Copenhagen Instagrammed