Cross-over culture in Wondercool Copenhagen

Gastronomic safaris by boat, walks in Nordic Noir Copenhagen, concerts in warehouses and pop-up restaurants. Get ready for the Wondercool festival - Copenhagen’s cultural month of February.
Thursday, December 6, 2012
You might want to bring that sweater when going to Wondercool in Copenhagen during the month of February. In return you are guaranteed lots of cultural warmth with eight festivals joining forces.

Different events will tempt the ears, delight the taste buds and indulge the aesthetic senses. Visitors will have the chance to take a sip of a shaken cocktail of fashion, design, gastronomy, art, music and architecture.

Nordic cooking goes on safari

And it’s both well-known successes and newcomers that have joined forces: Copenhagen Cooking, The Copenhagen Jazz Festival, the Danish Design Centre, Danish Architecture Centre, the Copenhagen Fashion Festival, music festival FROST, Designmuseum Denmark and art museum Arken  will all present new, standalone events as well as cross-over events.

Copenhagen Cooking will offer lots of culinary adventures – some of them being pop-up restaurants with elements of either design, music or architecture, gastronomic safaris by boat with a focus on sea food at large, and restaurants offering menus at low prices. And if you are interested in Nordic Noir, and The Killing in particular, you might be in for a gastronomic adventure of the more thrilling kind.

Hidden gems of Copenhagen

Events in Copenhagen are often held at unusual venues and the same will be true during Wondercool. Music festival FROST has previously held concerts in strip joints and churches, so prepare yourself for great musical names in both new and unusual settings.

The renowned Copenhagen Jazz Festival brings you cool jazz from both the alternative and the established scene, and the ‘open for the public’ part of the Copenhagen Fashion Week – Copenhagen Fashion Festival – will keep you updated on Danish fashion, often referred to as ‘democratic fashion’, being both wearable and affordable. Those interested in Danish aesthetics and architecture will have the rare opportunity to get a ‘behind the scenes’ view of some of Denmark’s renowned and cutting-edge architectural studios.

So… when you stroll through Copenhagen in February, you can expect an abundance of creative, cool and cultural people and events.

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