Get free admission to National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet with a Copenhagen Card

Copenhagen Card is ideal for families with kids

With a Copenhagen Card in hand, you and your family can look forward to a hassle-free visit in the capital area of Denmark. You don’t have to worry about admission fees, ticket prices or transportation costs.

Copenhagen Card covers the admission fee to more than 70 museums and attractions together with free public transportation in the entire Copenhagen region. This means that you don’t have to worry about admission fees to the museums and attractions, travel zones and travel passes. Everything is included in the Copenhagen Card.

Together with free visits and free public transportation, you also get discounts on many restaurants, cafés, sightseeing activities etc.

On top of that, you can free of charge bring up to two kids under the age of 10 with you on your adult Copenhagen Card.

Copenhagen Card includes the top attractions for kids. You can e.g. visit Tivoli Gardens, Experimentarium, The National Aquarium, Copenhagen Zoo and many more.

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• 24-hour card for DKK 389 / EUR 53
(DKK 199 / EUR 27 for children between 10-15 years)

• 48-hour card for DKK 549 / EUR 74
(DKK 279 / EUR 38 for children between 10-15 years)

• 72-hour card for DKK 659 / EUR 89
(DKK 329 / EUR 45 for children between 10-15 years)

• 120-hour card for DKK 889 / EUR 120
(DKK 449 / EUR 61 for children between 10-15 years)

Top attractions & tours

Top attractions & tours

Most of Copenhagen's major attractions are within walking distance. Here you will find a guide to the most visited ones in and around Copenhagen.