Christmas (eating) in Copenhagen

The coldest, darkest time of year in the Danish capital, when julefrokost (Christmas party) season is in full swing, and there is nothing more inviting than snuggling up indoors with a steaming glass of gløgg or a bowl of creamy risengrød!
Friday, December 2, 2016

By: @madaboutcopenhagen

Honey butter cinnamon toast

Fætter Fætter | Photo @thehazertazer
Photo: @thehazertazer

No cutlery allowed at Fætter Fætter. This indulgent “dessert toast” is one of our favourites. Though not specifically or traditionally Christmassy, we’re calling it!

Jul i Kødbyen (10th December)

Jul i Kødbyen | Photo: @logonfood
Photo: @logonfood

On the 10th December (2016), our favourite food market of the summer pops up for a one-off Christmas special in Kødbyen, where you’ll find this famous Flæskestegssandwich (roast pork sandwich) by Jubeti Food. Flæskestegssandwich is a Danish classic typically consisting of roast pork, red cabbage, gherkins and mayonnaise.


Glögg at The Barking Dog | Photo: @thehazertazerPhoto: @thehazertazer

The Barking Dog is one of the quirkiest, cosiest bars in town, and is often described as a “cocktail pub”. They’re open even on Christmas day and have consistently won the award for “the best gløgg in Denmark” with their secret recipe.

Ice cream

Ice cream at Ismageriet | Photo: @emmapouncey
Photo: @emmapouncey

It may be winter outside, but there’s no stopping Ismageriet. One of the city’s best ice cream shops, is open all year round. There are two of them, located slightly out of the city centre, but well worth the trip!


Risengrød at Grød! | Photo: @chrisopandertonnesen

Photo: @chrisopandertonnesen

Risengrød literally means “rice porridge” and is a traditional Danish dish made with rice, milk, cinnamon, sugar and butter (aka. all the best things). And no one does grød better than Grød!

Tartlet (julefrokost)

Tartelet at Fleisch | Photo: @thehazertazer
Photo: @thehazertazer

Tartelet (or patty shells) is a Danish dish traditionally made from a shell of puff pastry with a cream of chicken and asparagus. There are many variations on the classic - some great, some not so great. One of our favourites is to be found as part of Fleisch's 5-course Christmas lunch. It’s buttery and creamy, served with sweetbread and mushrooms.

Deluxe hot chocolate

Hot chocolate at Kalaset |Photo: @anneauchocolat
Photo: @anneauchocolat

In these chilly days, treat yourself to a deluxe hot chocolate from Kalaset, topped with marshmallows, cream and raspberry compote. They also do a great stack of pancakes.

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