California Kitchen

At California Kitchen you can eat delicious salads in a bowl sitting in the sunbeams like you would in California.

On Nørrebrogade near The Lakes you can travel to sunny California for just a short while and enjoy some healthy, delicious bowls of food with an interior and hospitality that completes the experience. The restaurant California Kitchen serves different kinds of salads in a bowl. Choose between The Mexicali, The Super Bowl, The Poke Bowl and many more as well as mixing your own bowl. Inside the restaurant they have made a glass ceiling that creates that special feeling of sunlight.

California Kitchen's mission is to build a brand that serves nutritionally rich, environmentally balanced and delicious whole foods to inspire a healthy, convenient and economical lifestyle. You can also order different drinks like kombucha or coconut water and order everything as takeaway.

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Nørrebrogade 12
2200 København N


+45 53 62 26 22


  • Pricelevel

    • Main course: < DKK 150



Longitude : 12.56187003
Latitude : 55.68762121