Enjoy island life not far from Copenhagen

Bornholm is a cherished holiday destination among Danes. With its rocky shores and dramatic nature, the island is truly a different kind of Denmark.

Well-connected to Copenhagen, Bornholm is worth a visit if you want to go beyond the capital for unspoilt nature, local gastro adventures, that special island vibe and so much more.

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Why you'll love Bornholm

Besides the constant proximity to the sea, the fresh air and beautiful nature, the special island vibe and the appreciation of the good things in life are some of the things you notice straight as you touch ground on Bornholm.

Meet the kind locals at the many potteries and ceramic shops. The island is full of creative souls. Not only artists, but also brewers, winemakers and culinary masterminds who define the taste and help shape your experience of a truly good-tasting island.

Herring at Christianshøjkroen on Bornholm | VisitCopenhagen

8 things you need to do on Bornholm

Some things just scream Bornholm. Here are the most iconic things any first-time visitor needs to experience on the beautiful island.

Visit the fishing villages of Bornholm | VisitCopenhagen

Visit the idyllic fishing villages

Be charmed by the many picturesque fishing villages scattered across the island.

Cross the Øresund Bridge on your way to Bornholm | VisitCopenhagen

How to get there

Going to Bornholm is simple and there are several means of transportation to choose from depending on what your plans are for your visit.