Guide to Copenhagen in Spring

When spring comes around in Copenhagen, the streets become filled with newfound energy. The Copenhageners escape from their winter hibernation and celebrate the high season of sidewalk cafes, flea markets, street parties, and garden picnics.

Sailing through Christianshavns Canal in Copenhagen

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What to do in the spring in Copenhagen

Whether you want to lay, walk or bike, Copenhagen has plenty of activites for you to embark on in the spring coated city. 

Want to get off of the beaten path?

How about a day trip? On the other side of the Copenhagen borders are adventures just waiting to be discovered by you. We guarantee that you can find a day trip that matches your interests. Whether you want to climb a unique tower, walk along grand chalk cliffs, chill on a beach far from the city or experience a world-class modern art museum, we have it. Have a look for yourself. 

Møns Klint in the beautiful region of South Sealand

Day trips worth your time

Spring activites for the active and the families

Whether you're a family of five or an active solo traveller, springtime in Copenhagen is a good time to have some fun in the pocket-sized city. Here's a few more ideas. 

Cherry blossoms at Bispebjerg cementary | Thomas Høyrup Christensen

7 places to see Copenhagen in its spring coat