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Copenhagen in the spring

Photo: Martin Heiberg

When spring comes around in Copenhagen, the streets become filled with newfound energy. The Copenhageners escape from their winter hibernation and celebrate the high season of sidewalk cafes, flea markets, street parties, and garden picnics.

What to do in the spring in Copenhagen

Whether you want to lay, walk or bike, Copenhagen has plenty of activites for you to embark on in the spring coated city. 

The Copenhagen neighbourhood guide

Copenhagen is divided into a pack of very different yet equally loveable neighbourhoods, each with their own distinct vibes and looks. From gritty and industrial Refshaleøen to posh and classy Frederiksberg, Copenhagen has a neighbourhood to fit any liking. Dive into the Copenhagen localhood here or outside the city on a day trip off the beaten track.

Spring activites for the active and the families

Whether you're a family of five or an active solo traveller, springtime in Copenhagen is a good time to have some fun in the pocket-sized city. Here's a few more ideas. 

Take a daytrip Beyond Copenhagen

The laid back Copenhagen lifestyle stretches far beyond the city limits. Do like the locals and head for the coast or countryside to enjoy, relax and grow. You don’t need to travel very far, or for very long, to widen your horizon on what Copenhagen and the surrounding areas have to offer.

Bellevue beach in the morning

Let's go explore!

Photo: Jacob Lisbygd

This is what it looks like!

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