8 historical highlights from the last 850 years in Copenhagen

Copenhagen turned 850 in 2017. We take a stroll through the centuries to showcase some of the historical highlights of the city.

#1 Christiansborg - the place where it all started

Christiansborg Palace | Thomas Høyrup Christensen 

In 1167, a fortress was erected on the location which houses the current Christiansborg Palace. Since then, this event has come to be viewed as the official "birth" of Copenhagen as we know it - and the idea behind the city's 850th birthday this in 2017.

#2 Gammeltorv - the oldest square in the city

Gammeltorv | Martin Heiberg 

Dating back to sometime during the 13th century, Gammeltorv (literally 'Old Square' in English) certainy lives up to its name. 

#3 Magstræde

Magstræde | Martin Heiberg

Established around 1520, Magstræde (along with its twin street, Snaregade) is one of the oldest streets in Copenhagen.

#4 Rosenborg Castle 

 Rosenborg Castle | Martin Heiberg

Set in the heart of the city, Rosenborg Castle was constructed in 1606 by King Christian IV. Back then, it was located in the countryside, which should tell you a bit about just how much the city has changed, even if the castle itself hasn't.

#5 Gråbrødretorv

Gråbrødretorv | Martin Heiberg

The origins of this square can be traced all the way back to 1238. However, it was after 1728, after a major fire, that the square rose again in its current, colourful incarnation.

#6 Tivoli 

Tivoli | Martin Heiberg

Among the world's oldest amusement parks, Tivoli plays a special part in the history of Copenhagen - and has done so ever since its opening in 1843.

#7 The City Hall

Copenhagen City Hall | Martin Heiberg

Copenhagen's current city hall was inaugurated in 1905, and in 1989 it became part of history, and the backdrop of a major victory for the global LGBT+ community, when a gay couple entered into a registered partnership for the first time ever in the world right here.

#8 Christiansborg Palace - because history isn't over 

Christiansborg Palace | Martin Heiberg

Today, Christiansborg Palace is still a place where Copenhagen's and all of Denmark's history is shaped, as it now contains both the Danish Parliament, Supreme Court and Ministry of State.

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