8 Christmas moments from Tivoli that will make you want to go

In case you hadn't noticed, Tivoli is basically the epitome of everything Christmas in Copenhagen. We found at least 8 reasons to go see it for yourself.

#1 The glorious entrance

Tivoli - entrance

Amazing all year-round, the main entrance to Tivoli just gets that extra 10 per cent when it's lit up and sprinkled with Christmas decorations.

#2 The Christmas market

Christmas market at Tivoli

There's a reason why Tivoli's Christmas market is routinely named among the very best in Europe.

#3 The hygge

Christmas at Tivoli 

'Hygge' is what gets most Danes through the cold and dark winter season - and it might do the same for you.

#4 The Christmas light reflections in the lake

Christmas at Tivoli

Generally, the Tivoli Lake is just a thing of wonder. Don't forget to also check out the illumination show that takes place there. 

#5 This fairy tale come to life

NIMB Hotel at Christmas

The NIMB Hotel looks like a fairy tale, but it's actually real - and is really something special during the holiday season.

#6 This guy 

Christmas at Tivoli

Because any place that's serious about Christmas needs to have its own Santa Claus. 

#7 This Christmas version of a Trojan horse

Christmas at Tivoli

We imagine this is what Tivoli uses to spread the Christmas vibes everywhere.

#8 This tree that sprouts hearts

Christmas at Tivoli

In case you were still in doubt, they really take the whole Christmas decorating part very seriously at Tivoli.

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