6 Copenhagen-based Instagrammers you should follow

These 6 photographers from Copenhagen are guaranteed to spice up your Instagram feed

#1 Kenneth Nguyen

Arguably one of the seminal figures of the whole urban exploring movement in Copenhagen, you'll often find Kenneth capturing beautiful cityscapes from inaccessible or even unlikely locations. He isn't too shabby at piloting a drone either, as evidenced above.

#2 Remo Steen

Et billede slået op af Remo (@remosteen) den9. Nov 2016 kl. 10:42 PST

We were hooked by his way of showcasing the autumnal feel in Copenhagen, but Remo really delivers an all-round aesthetically pleasing look at Copenhagen no matter the season.

#3 Signe Bay

Et billede slået op af Signe Bay (@signebay) den28. Sep 2016 kl. 6:55 PDT

If there's a more appetising and visually enjoyable way of showcasing the city's food scene, and great-looking food in general, we'd like to see it. 

#4 Jesper Palermo

For more of those glorious rooftop shots and urban daredevilry.

#5 Nana Hagel

Et billede slået op af Nana Hagel (@nana_ha) den18. Okt 2016 kl. 8:50 PDT

We dig Nana for her ability to show off Copenhagen classics like Nyhavn in a new and interesting manner.

#6 Morten Nordstrøm

Few people are this capable of capturing those elusive slice-of-life moments of Copenhagen that tell a bigger story than they initially let on.

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