15 ways to ice up your life in Copenhagen

Let's admit it: Spring and summer are really just a convenient excuse to eat otherwise inappropriate amounts of ice cream. Here’s our guide to some of the best places in Copenhagen to ice up your life

#1 OLUFs Is

Et opslag delt af olufs_is (@olufs_is) den25. Apr 2017 kl. 4:05 PDT

Named after the impossibly picturesque Olufsvej in the city’s Østerbro district, OLUFs specialize in freshly-made Italian popsicles that are as tasty as they are photogenic.

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#2 Bryggen11

Homemade ice cream ranging from the classics to the more experimental – and it’s located right next to Islands Brygge, a popular hangout spot during the sunnier months.

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#3 Café Isværket

Et opslag delt af Giulia Mulè (@mondomulia) den24. Maj 2015 kl. 10:19 PDT

One of the go-to places to get your frozen fix on Nørrebro, Isværket is an organic ice cream shop located on the popular street Stefansgade, which always lights up in the summer.

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#4 Hansens Is

Et opslag delt af Hansens Is (@hansensis) den22. Feb 2016 kl. 12:59 PST

A fixture on the Danish quality ice cream scene, you’ll find Hansens sold at many vendors throughout Copenhagen. True ice aficionados will want to head up north of Copenhagen, to the Hansens dairy near Frederikssund.

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#5 Ismageriet

Located off the beaten path in the more obscure suburban district of Søborg, Ismageriet has become legendary among locals for its quality ice cream. It's also one of the few ice cream shops that’s open all year-round.

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#6 Istid

Danish for ‘ice age’, Istid is an organic ice cream shop in the trendy street Jægersborggade in Nørrebro, and also the first in Scandinavia to produce ice cream using liquid nitrogen.

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#7 Kødbyens Is

Et opslag delt af Kødbyens Is (@kodbyensis) den16. Apr 2017 kl. 10:39 PDT

Located in the city’s Meatpacking District, Kødbyens Is create both popsicles as well as seriously cute-looking bite-sized ice cream cakes (pictured above).

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#8 Olivers Garage

Set in the iconic Arne Jacobsen gas station in the Bellevue area just north of Copenhagen, this place would be a must-visit for the architecture alone. Olivers Garage is just the icing on the cake (no pun intended). They also do coffee, food and drinks.

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Located close to the iconic Nyhavn area, ISoBAR probably has Copenhagen’s most impressive selection of ice cream flavours.

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#10 SI

Short for Sicilian Ice Cream and Italian for ‘yes’, which also should be everyone’s default answer when asked if they want to try out this place and their frozen flavours.

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#11 Østerberg Ice Cream

Fruity flavours rule supreme here, as the owner of this Østerbro-based ice cream shop comes from the family behind a global fruit company. Both the ice cream and the cones are freshly-made on location.

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#12 Leckerbaer

Mostly known for their mouthwatering, modern take on Danish butter cookies, Leckerbaer are also adding homemade ice cream to their already impressive lineup of sweet treats during the warmer months.

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#13 Coffee Collective at Torvehallerne

Ice cream and coffee - two of the best things ever in the same serving equals a serious treat for your tastebuds. Coffee Collective's coffee soft ice became legendary last year, and it's making a comeback this season. Find it at Torvehallerne.

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#14 Mirabelle

Et opslag delt af Mirabelle (@mirabelle_cph) den16. Jun 2017 kl. 9:15 PDT

A certified organic bakery, these guys have branched out and are now also serving high-quality ice cream, made on a daily basis from raw milk from their own cows on a farm west of Copenhagen.

#15 Social Foodies 

Located on Frederiksberg and Østerbro and several other spots, Social Foodies are serious about their ice cream game, using organic fairtrade products for their frozen delicacies. Their 'flødebolle' (a sort of cream puff) is also quite legendary and definitely worth a try. 

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