Guide hotel Chinese Tourists

Are you a Hotel?

To help Scandinavian hotels adapt their service to accommodate the Chinese expectations, we have compiled a few China ready tools that we hope will help you get ready to receive Chinese travelers

China guide for attractions

Are you a Retailer?

The Chinese love shopping in Scandinavia but we can improve even further in terms of providing service as well as adapting to this rapidly growing tourist segment.

Nordic Blogger Trip I

Chinese often visit several nordic countries during their travel to Scandinavia. They perceive the nordic countries to be very alike. with the Nordic Blogger Trip we seek to show the diversity of Scandinavia as a travel destination.

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

Are you an Attraction?

China ready advice for Attractions and Cultural Institutions 

Chinese Cooking Tutorials

What do the Chinese eat? We have selected six easy-to-make recipes for classic Chinese breakfast items accompanied by tutorial videos