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Nordic Blogger Trip II

Hosting blogger trips are a fantastic way for us to show what Scandinavia has to offer. It gives us the opportunity to reach millions of Chinese consumers and showcase Scandinavia in an authentic and true way.

Bloggers, also referred to as KOL's (Key Opinion Leaders) or influencers, are trend setters in China who are very popular and are followed by a lot of people. Bloggers in China can use different platforms. One of the largest and most popular platforms is the microblogging platform Sina Weibo. People who follow bloggers on Sina Weibo can find specific topics they are interested in, ex. travel, where the blogger then shares their stories and travel experiences.

Choosing the right KOL's

If you want to reach the right audience, it is vital that you invite the right KOL's. We look for KOL's that are credible and who have real and active followers.


Campaign Focus: Today tourists want to experience temporary 'localhood' when travelling, and they are looking to experience the true and authentic destination. The aim of the Nordic Blogger Trip II was to emphasize the many different attractions Scandinavia has, attractions that are not found in guidebooks. When inviting Chinese KOL's we want to get their hands 'dirty' - immersing them in our destination and culture.

Themes: The main theme of the Nordic Blogger Trip II was Design and Fashion experienced throughout four different Nordic cities (Copenhagen, Stockholm, Malmö and Fyn). These two themes are a part of our storytelling framework that consists of five strategic core stories that collectively aims to capture the compelling brand essence and unique cultural character of our various destinations.

Who: The two bloggers @MOK and @DesignYouth both have thousands of followers on their Chinese blogs. When inviting KOL's (Key Opinion Leaders) it is essential that we know what type of followers they have. We chose bloggers who have active followers, followers that hit our targeted segment, and followers that share the same interests in design, travel and fashion. @MOK and @DesignYouth both have very active followers that shares and comment on blogger posts, making them a perfect match for the campaign.

What: During the bloggers 10-days visit in Scandinavia, the bloggers generated personal content under the hashtag #NordicStories. Hosting blogger trips has been very successful in increasing the visibility of the Scandinavian region. We get the chance to showcase some of the lesser known attractions and highlight the cultural diversity of the Scandinavian region, not known to many Chinese people.

Below you can see examples of blog post on Weibo, posted by @MOK and @DesignYouth

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