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Nordic Blogger Trip I

Blogger trips are a fantastic way to showcase Scandinavia. It gives us the opportunity to reach millions of Chinese consumers and showcase Scandinavia in an authentic and true way.

In response to the growing demand from tourists to experience temporary 'localhood' when travelling, looking to experience the true and authentic destination, the aim of The Nordic Blogger Trip I was among others to emphasize authentic atrractions, not found in guidebooks
The Nordic blogger trip was a joint collaboration with Visit Helsinki, Visit Stockholm and Visit Copenhagen. The bloggers shared their personal experiences with their followers on social media.

Why Inviting Bloggers? Inviting Chinese bloggers are an essential marketing tool because you get the opportunity to reach millions of consumers. We can spread the awareness of Scandinavia to targeted consumer segments through unique stories and sharable content. Chinese tend to trust information delivered by trustworthy people on social media more than information promoted via traditional channels such as a travel agency with brochures that have glossy pictures. 

KOLs are, essentially, individuals who are active in social media and enjoy high degree of trust and credibility.

Why a Nordic cooporation? Chinese travelers often visit more than one Nordic country during their visit of the world. The Beiou countries (Nordic countries) are often perceived as a "brotherhood" which shares more or less the same climate, heritage, language, traditions etc., part of the fun travelling in Nordic countries is to notice all the similarities and then notice all the differences.

The 3 bloggers are using the microblogging platform Sina Weibo. Sina Weibo is one fo the two dominating social media platofrms in China. Many Chinese consumers use Sina Weibo as in source of inspiration before they travel. Its open eco-system is ideal for publishing and sharing short yet interesting stories. That being said, most Weibo bloggers also have a WeChat account which they use to some degree, and this platofrm can thus also be included in the future planning.


Design: Nordic design is very unique with its simplicity and craftmanship. They are well known products in China, however many of these stories are yet to be explored by the masses.

Culture: its can be difficult to grasp a culture, however through illustartions and words, the bloggers has the opportunity to capture some of the feelings the Nordic regions gave them.

Gastronomy: Besides trying out "New Nordic Cuisine" the bloggers was given the opportunity to try more traditional Nordic dishes. This appeal to many foodies, and can encoruage many travellers taste more of the local food.  

These themes are a part of our storytelling framework that consists of five strategic core stories that collectively aims to capture the compelling brand essence and unique cultural character of our various destinations.

Below you can see examples of some of the conetent that was generated as a result of the blogger trip

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