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Good Advice for Attractions & Cultural Institutions

If you are receiving Chinese travelers, you have probably noticed that they do things differently and have other expectations of their experience than your Scandinavian guests. And although most think of Chinese tourists as tour groupers, this is changing rapidly with more and more Chinese choosing to travel independently. To help attractions improve their service to the increasingly independent Chinese visitors, we have compiled a list of useful tips and tricks that we hope will help you get ready to receive Chinese guests in the future.

If your attraction has an audio guide system, consider having a Chinese version made. Audio guides are quite popular at attractions in China, and the audio guide will hence be a familiar way of sightseeing. Make sure that you let all tourist agencies and tour guides know that your attraction has an audio guide, as this could be a selling point.

If you are experiencing problems when communicating with your Chinese guests there are APPs that can help you out. Go to our page App Suggestions for more details.

Accentuate any affiliation with famous people that your attraction may have. Pictures of state leaders or super stars visiting is seen as a stamp of approval.

Welcome your Chinese guests with signage in their own language. Download free signs in Chinese from our Signage Bank

If possible, send information about your attraction to the travel agency prior to the group’s arrival. By doing so, you can affect which information the guide passed on to the group and thereby ensure a better experience for your visitors.

Provide informational material and presentations in Chinese of your attraction or your city. Contact Dan Schou on for free Chinese maps of Copenhagen. Read more here: Copenhagen City Map

Photo: Philip Wenzel Kyhl

Be especially attentive to older and younger generations. A pushchair for exhausted younger children? A wheelchair for an older family member?

Be bold when communicating your attraction. Consider that they are used to superlatives: the largest country measured by inhabitants, second largest economy, oldest civilisation etc. 

The Chinese love taking pictures and posing in front of sights. Creating little “photo stops” where they can engage with a statue or image on a wall will be much appreciated. Include your attraction name at the photo stops to maximize publicity. 

If you really wish to step up your efforts to attract the Chinese tourists, consider building a presence on Chinese social media. Read more on our page: Social Media, or contact Dan Schou on

A few extra tips for handling tour groups:

Try to identify the leader of the group and if possible, take all orders through this person. This rule applies regardless if it is a group of family members or a tour group.

Tour groups have a tight schedule and might run late. Have the tour guide contact you with updates on arrival time.

When receiving tour groups, accept that they are busy and eat fast. They have a tight schedule to follow, so prepare as much as possible before they arrive to limit waiting time.

If your premises have lunch/dinner facilities, make sure that the guide and travel agency are aware of this. Dining on-site could save them precious time and give the group more time to spend at your attraction.

Let all contact with the tour group go through the tour leader, if you are receiving a tour group. Let him/her know where the toilets and other amenities are located. 

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