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In May 2014, Visit Copenhagen launched its first Chinese website. The website is designed in China and 100 percent tailored to the Chinese market in terms of customized content, web design and functionality. To secure the best possible user experience and avoid slow loading speeds, the website is hosted in China with a Chinese top-level domain (.cn).

On, the most compelling themes for Chinese tourists have all been highlighted on the homepage for easy access of information. These themes include, among others, Meet H.C. Andersen, Top 10 attractions and Green Route, with the latter being a list of so-called “green experiences” in Copenhagen, ranging from organic fast food to the botanical gardens and the city’s plethora of parks.

If tourists are looking more specifically for a special feeling of Copenhagen, we have invited three selected Chinese travel ambassadors to guide the Chinese travelers through four different perspectives on Copenhagen:  Pure Copenhagen, Easy Copenhagen, Traditional Copenhagen and Quality Copenhagen. All of which have been selected based on our survey of what the Chinese visitors find most attractive about Copenhagen.

When traveling alone, perhaps even for the first time, practical matters are a major concern – before as well as during the travel. The most common concerns of Chinese travelers about Visa & VAT, Chinese language services, safety, etc. are all addressed under the Practical information section.

From a Chinese perspective, Denmark is not a stand-alone destination. The Chinese travelers see all of Northern Europe as one single destination, and hence they would like to put Denmark into a context, where they can see it as a part of their overall travel plans. Therefore, inspiration for nearby destinations, which can be combined with Copenhagen, is outlined on an interactive map. This map also demonstrates Copenhagen as the gateway to Northern Europe and clearly indicates the travel distances, travel time and possible means of transportation from Copenhagen to other destinations.

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