Copenhagen City Map

Copenhagen has an official Chinese city map.

The front of the city map

Copenhagen has an official Chinese city map. The map is specifically made for the Chinese market and highlights all the primary sights and attractions in the centre of Copenhagen.

With a playful design and many small details from daily life in the city, the map not only provides an overview of the city and its main attractions, but also inspires the Chinese tourists to explore further and beyond the Little Mermaid statue. 

While a map is quite useful when you are lost in the big city, the weather is never guaranteed here in Scandinavia.
Therefore, we have added a little hidden feature: The map is made of stone paper, a waterproof material, and the map can therefore be used as an umbrella.

The back of the city map

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Practical information:

View a PDF version of the City Map: The Front & The Back

For inquiries regarding delivery of maps, please contact Lars Møller Christensen

For other inquiries, please contact Dan Schou