Chinese Gifting Culture

Every culture have their own superstitious beliefs, that to outsiders appear strange. In China the gifting culture is a very important cultural aspect, that is deeply rooted in history. Having some guidelines of what and how to give gifts, can be very useful in situations such as receiving and giving gifts to Chinese friends, guests or co-workers.
Thursday, March 2, 2017

When giving gifts to Chinese friends or guests, it is important to consider;

  • The number of gifts you give. Multiples of three are good (3 and 9), so gifts given in threes means good luck.
  • When giving gifts, you should alltogether stay away from anything with the number 4!

Gifts that are associated with bad luck are;

  • Clocks - because they are related to death,
  • Shoes
  • Green hats (remember- bad luck).
  • In addition, you should steer away from giving pears, mirrors or sharp objects.

When giving gifts at Chinese New Year, it is also smart to consider the color, chosing red and gold as they have a positive meaning and represent prosperity - is always a good idea.  

If you receive a  gift by a Chinese friends or guest, it is regarded as bad manners and unlucky to open a gift in front of the person who gives you the present, so always open the gift later.

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