Chinavia China Ready Crash Course in Copenhagen Philip Wenzel Kyhl

Chinavia Crash Courses

According to the 2012 Chinavia study Survey of Chinese visitors to Scandinavia, Chinese tourists express a general dissatisfaction with the service level and attitudes of Scandinavian service staff.

To address this issue and make sure that Scandinavian countries do not lose valuable market shares to competing European destinations, the Chinavia Project hosts crash courses on the subject “How to provide service to the Chinese visitors”.

The main purpose of the China Ready Crash Courses is to provide Scandinavian frontline service personnel and management with a better understanding of Chinese travelers and their service expectations.

An introduction to some of the key areas in the Chinese culture is a must in order to gain the necessary foundation for understanding this segment and providing them with a service that meets their expectations.

The courses provide concrete suggestions and tools for service providers, enabling them to improve their service to Chinese guests, whether in a hotel, museum, restaurant or elsewhere.

The courses are divided into three themes and target the following groups:

• Businesses and organisations that host technical visits & delegations
• Hotels & Restaurants
• Attractions and cultural institutions 

As each industry has its own challenges, the China Ready Crash Courses are tailored to each audience based on concrete experiences with Chinese guests and feedback from the participants ahead of the course.

A course of 3 hours costs DKK35.000,00. 

Course content varies according to the needs of the participants but an indication of topics included can be found in the rough structure outline below:  

• The Nordics from a Chinese perspective – Seeing things from a Chinese point of view
 The importance of the Chinese visitors – Why the Chinese tourists are getting so much attention
• Case studies – How my industry is preparing for the Chinese
• Cultural background – Chinese behavior explained
• Face to face interaction & etiquette – How to interact with Chinese visitors
• Chinese language – How to overcome the language barrier
• Numbers and superstition – How to avoid offending Chinese visitors
• Signage and informational materials – How to keep your Chinese visitors informed
• Exercises based on participants’ experiences with Chinese visitors

For more information on coming courses, prices and availability, please contact Lee Ann Hollesen on 


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