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See our collection of tangible tools and good advice targeted towards organisations, businesses and companies that would like to improve communication with Chinese visitors to Scandinavia.

Copenhagen City map Chinese

Copenhagen City map translated into Chinese

Copenhagen now has its very first official Chinese city map

Blogger trip campaign china scandinavia

Nordic Blogger Trip II

The hashtag #NordicStories was the underpinning of the Nordic Blogger Campaign II. The Campaign focused on Scandinavian design and fashion  

China Scandinavia Campaign Tourism

Campaign Catalogue

Campaigns targeting the Chinese market

Market Approaches

Learn more about how we attract Chinese visitors to Scandinavia through websites, social media and Chinese online travel platforms

China Ready Crash courses

Our Crash Courses provides you with a better understanding of Chinese travelers. We give specific suggestions and tools to enable you to improve your service to Chinese guests.

Chinese Social Media Guide

Learn more about Chinese social media in this short introduction to Chinese social media platoforms


Survey: The Chinese Traveler to Copenhagen 2014


Hotel guide for Chinese New Year

How to accommodate Chinese families traveling for the Chinese New Year Holiday

Chinese Cooking Tutorials

What do the Chinese eat? We have selected six easy-to-make recipes for classic Chinese breakfast items accompanied by tutorial videos

China Scandinavia Tourism

About Us

Established in 2012 as a collaboration between Nordic cities that brings together the parties around the common goal of developing Chinese tourism to the Nordic countries

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