China Ready Advice for Hotels

If you have received Chinese travelers, you have probably also noticed that they do things differently and have other expectations of their hotel experience than their Scandinavian counterparts. To help Scandinavian hotels adapt their service to accommodate the Chinese expectations, we have compiled a few China ready tools that we hope will help you get ready to receive Chinese travelers.

Chinese breakfast is a certain way to win the hearts of the Chinese. Prepare some simple dishes from our China Breakfast Cooking Tutorials

If you do not have the capacity to prepare Chinese breakfast, you should consider providing cup noodles as a breakfast choice. They are an inexpensive way to accommodate their preferences for breakfast, and the Chinese will spice it up with other breakfast items, e.g. the cold cuts and boiled eggs.

Welcome your Chinese guests with signage in their own language. Download free signs in Chinese from our Signage Bank

Electrical adaptors are important to keep the pods and pads charged. Keep a supply of adaptors for loan in the reception and don’t forget to mention it in your welcome letter.

Hotel address cards can be useful for individual travelers or tour groupers who have lost their way. For the reverse side, see our “Please take me to... card”.

There are many smokers in China. When you receive Chinese guests, make sure to let them know where to find a smoking area. In China, nearly all hotel rooms are smoking rooms.

If you are experiencing problems when communicating with your Chinese guests there are APPs that can help you out. Go to our page App Suggestions for more details.

In Chinese hotels, toiletries are complimentary and provided in the room. They expect the same from your hotel. If you only provide additional toiletries on demand, mention this in your welcome letter.

Provide informational material and presentations in Chinese and help sell your city (and another cup of tea). Contact Dan Schou on for free copies of the Chinese Copenhagen city map. Read more here: Copenhagen City Map

Provide a tea kettle in the room. The older generation believes that cold water is bad for health, and that the body should not waste precious energy to heat the water that you drink.

Provide disposable slippers to the Chinese hotel guests. The Chinese are not accustomed to walk around only wearing socks.

If you are a high-end hotel, make sure to take care of the guests’ luggage on arrival.

Tips are not customary in China, so do not expect them to leave any signs of gratuity other than a polite nod.

Make sure to let them know that the tap water is drinkable – it isn’t in China.

Be especially attentive to older and younger generations. Do they need a children’s chair or a cot? A pillow for an older family member?

A few extra tips for receiving tour groups:

If you are receiving a group, try to identify the tour leader of the group and let all information go through him or her.

Prepare keys in advance to keep waiting time at a minimum when receiving larger groups.

If you have any ideas or other useful tips that we have not included above, please contact Philip Kyhl on 

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