App Suggestions

This page features a selection of apps that you or your Chinese visitors might find useful.

Baidu Translate

Baidu Translate is a great tool for communicating with your Chinese guests. It translates from 3 different sources

• Text
• Speech
• Pictures

Regardless of which of the translation sources you choose, the app provides you with the translation in text. It can also read the translation aloud in Chinese.

The text translation is the safest way to an accurate translation, but the speech translator works surprisingly well also. However, remember to keep it simple to avoid misunderstandings.

TIP: If you have a sentence or word that you need often, you can save the term by clicking the little star below the translation.

The translation service requires an internet connection but an offline translation package is also available if needed in places without an internet connection.

The App is free and is available on iPhone and Android.


Copenhagen Airport APP

The Copenhagen Airport App is tailor-made for Chinese visitors. It can translate the signs in the airport by using the camera. Just point and click to translate.

It also works as an interactive guide using the built-in GPS technology in your phone combined with a 3D map of the airport. In addition, if you wish to do some shopping, just select your favorite brand and let the app guide you through the airport directly to the store.

You can also keep yourself updated on any flight changes through automatic push messages. Find your flight in the list of all departures and arrivals, and click “keep me notified”.

The Copenhagen Airport App is free and available on iPhone and Android.


Xia Yi Zhan 下一站

The travel app Xia Yi Zhan is a convenient travel planner and in-pocket travel guide. With content for each of the Scandinavian countries, city tours are made easy for Chinese travelers. Browse through hi-res images and descriptions of the local sights, read more about shopping in the city, and find the best bars and restaurants to relax after a long day.  

Offline maps are included for all cities and transportation information is clearly listed for each of the sights.

The Xia Yi Zhan app is free and available for iPad and iPhone.  

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