About Chinavia II project

Making Scandinavia China Ready is the primary ambition of the Chinavia II project. The Chinavia II project took its starting point in the research results of the Chinavia pilot project, which clearly demonstrated that Scandinavian destinations were largely invisible, inaccessible and inconvenient to Chinese travelers.

In light of the tremendous potential of the Chinese travel market, Wonderful Copenhagen partnered with six other Scandinavian partners and developed the Chinavia II project in 2013, co-funded by the EU Interreg IVa program.

The Chinavia II project runs from early 2013 to December 2014 and involves the following project partners of the Oresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak (Interreg IVa) region:

  • Wonderful Copenhagen (DK)
  • Visit Sørlandet (NO)
  • Malmö Turism (SE)
  • Invest in Skåne (SE)
  • Tourism in Skåne (SE)
  • Göteborg & Co (SE)
  • Västsvenska Turistrådet (SE)

In addition to the direct partners of the project, several Chinavia II project activities also involve the rest of Scandinavia, or rather BeiOu / 北欧, which literally translated means Northern Europe, but is generally used to denote the Scandinavian or Nordic region.

The Chinavia II project implements activities within the following main focus areas:

Chinese Market Research & Strategy

The Chinese market is still new to most Scandinavian destinations. Through surveys of Chinese tourists and explorative studies, the Chinavia II project updates Scandinavian knowledge and understanding of the Chinese traveler segment as well as the appeal of Scandinavian destinations to the Chinese travelers.

Scandinavian Service to Chinese tourists

A poor service experience can affect the entire travel experience. The Chinavia II project works to improve the Scandinavian service experience of Chinese travelers through facilitation of China Ready Crash Courses for frontline service personnel in hotels, restaurants, attractions etc. The project also provides access to online training, and develops an online kit with China Ready advice and tangible tools to boost service offers.

Online visibility in China

China’s online landscape is vastly different from the one, we know in Northern Europe. Chinese netizens use different search engines, social media platforms and travel websites. Chinavia II project puts Scandinavian destinations online in China through development of Chinese websites (domained and hosted in China), through establishment of destination profiles in Chinese social media and through content distribution on Chinese travel platforms.

Chinese tourist information materials

Many Chinese travelers prefer information in Chinese language and feel insecure on their own without it. Chinavia II project is therefore translating Scandinavian tourism information to provide Chinese travelers with Chinese language travel tips and guidance, including the development of Chinese city maps.

Chinese outbound travel shows no sign of slowing down and there is good reason to believe that Chinese travelers will shape the future of global travel. Scandinavian tourism industry need to be at the forefront of this development and competition and the Chinavia program will continue to play an important role in securing the market position of Scandinavian destinations.

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