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About Chinavia +

The objective of the Chinavia+ project is to increase awareness and strengthen the appeal of Nordic destinations to Chinese travelers through a broad range of market activities and destination development efforts.

Chinese outbound travel shows no sign of slowing down and there is good reason to believe that Chinese travelers will shape the future of global travel in many years to come. To actively address this development the major Nordic cities have joined forces to continue the efforts in the Chinavia project.

Chinavia + takes over from the CHINAVIA II project which focused mainly on development on China-aimed platforms and activities. The platforms developed in previous project phases will now be put to use, promoted and marketed to increase awareness and exposure of the Nordic destinations in China.

The project runs from 2015 through 2017 with the following partners:

The Nordic tourism industry needs to be at the forefront of the development and competition in order to keep our share of the market against high profile European destinations. Chinavia + will play an important role in securing the market position of Nordic destinations through destination promotion and education of the Nordic service industry:

Online visibility in China

The Chinavia + project promotes Nordic destinations online in China through development of Chinese websites (domained and hosted in China), through establishment of destination profiles in Chinese social media and through content distribution on Chinese travel platforms.

Read more about Chinese social media here: Social Media

View list of Nordic destination websites in Chinese here: Chinavia Websites

Scandinavian Service to Chinese tourists

Chinavia research shows that poor service experiences can and do affect the entire travel experience for Chinese travelers. It is therefore essential that Scandinavian service providers are aware of the plentiful cultural pitfalls when working with Chinese tourists. The Chinavia + project works to improve the Scandinavian service experience for Chinese travelers through facilitation of China Ready Crash Courses for hotels, attractions, and businesses receiving Chinese delegations etc. The courses can be tailored to the audience ensuring high relevance for all participants.

To book a course or read more about the courses here: Chinavia Crash Courses

This website is a learning platform aimed at Scandinavian service providers featuring an online kit with China ready advice and tangible tools to boost service offers to Chinese guests. To learn more about how you can improve your service to the Chinese guests, go to our China Kit section with industry specific advice on how to get ready for the Chinese visitors: China Kit

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