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    You might want to bring a sweater when going to Wondercool in Copenhagen during February. In return, you are guaranteed lots of cultural warmth, when nine festivals and institutions join forces to bring you events that will tempt the ears, delight the taste buds and indulge the aesthetic senses.

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    Here is a list of the highlighted events during Wondercool 2014. Each event has a theme within design, architecture, music, gastronomy and art. 

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    Here is a list of the highlighted events during Wondercool 2014. Each event has a theme within design, architecture, music, gastronomy and art. 

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    Copenhagen offers countless opportunities for quick visits and extended experiences, and within new Nordic design and architecture you can shape your experiences depending entirely on how long you want to spend on in-depth study and soaking up new impressions.

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    Wondercool är Köpenhamns stora vinterfestival med fokus på konst, arkitektur, design, mat, mode, musik och kulturella upplevelser. Den backas upp av stadens stora etablerade festivaler och institutioner.

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    Köpenhamn öppnar sina dörrar till matfestivalen Copenhagen Cooking och erbjuder en tugga av kulinariska Köpenhamn och den nordiska regionen. Copenhagen Cooking är en festival med något för alla smaker, där gourmetrestauranger, aktiviteter för hela familjen, matlagningsskola och vinprovning står på programmet.

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    Gastronomic safaris by boat, walks in Nordic Noir Copenhagen, concerts in warehouses and pop-up restaurants. Get ready for the Wondercool festival - Copenhagen’s cultural month of February.

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    Find press releases and press photos.

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    In February, you can enjoy Danish and international jazz concerts around Copenhagen, interactive food and theatre experience that stimulates all senses and gastro cruises in Copenhagen harbor. The full programme for Copenhagen’s culture month Wondercool are now ready. Read more at and get ready for an exquisite cultural experience in Copenhagen.

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    Copenhagen’s culture month, Wondercool, which runs throughout February, lets you explore the lesser-known Copenhagen, celebrate blue gold and Nordic cuisine, listen to music in basement car parks, take a ‘behind the scenes’ look at architecture and enjoy MAD Mondays.

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    Copenhagen is packed with events. So many, it can be hard to choose. Thus here are our editors' recommendations for the coming fortnight.

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    In February, you can enjoy Danish and international jazz concerts around Copenhagen, interactive food and theatre experience that stimulates all senses and gastro cruises in Copenhagen harbor. The full programme for Copenhagen’s culture month Wondercool are now ready. Get ready for an exquisite cultural experience in Copenhagen.

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    Northern Europe’s largest food festival, Copenhagen Cooking, offers exquisite food experiences in all of February.

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    Den här lördagen, i samarbete med Copenhagen Cooking, markeras avslutandet av den stora vinterutställningen ARCTIC med ett exklusivt kulinariskt evenemang.

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    The new 2014 Michelin-guide ‘Main Cities of Europe’ is just released. Copenhagen got 17 Michelin stars for 15 restaurants in total. Two stars more than last year and more than ever before. Restaurant Studio ran by former Noma chef Torsten Vilgaard, the twin brothers Jonathan and Alexander Berntsen’s restaurant Clou, and last but certainly not least Ronny Emborg’s restaurant Marchal located at hotel d’Angleterre are the new shooting stars with now one Michelin-star each.       

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    Norra Europas största matfestival, Copenhagen Cooking, erbjuder utsökta matupplevelser under hela februari.

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    Film, fashion, gastronomy and music - every year Copenhagen offers loads of festivals to suit all interests. In 2013 there will be particular focus on one event when the Eurovision Song Contest comes to the Swedish city of Malmø, just a few kilometres from Copenhagen.

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    Köpenhamn erbjuder oräkneliga möjligheter till blixtvisiter och längre upplevelser och inom ny nordisk design och arkitektur kan besökarna forma sin upplevelse beroende på hur lång tid de vill lägga ned på att fördjupa sig och absorbera nya intryck:

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    Under Winter Jazz 2014 spelas dansk och internationell jazz över hela Köpenhamn. I februari kommer Köpenhamn att fyllas av jazziga toner när många av stadens scener under sjutton dagar bjuder in till liveuppträdanden. Läs mer här.

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    This winter's edition of Copenhagen Cooking, which runs throughout February, pays tribute to blue gold, MAD Mondays, gastronomic quizzes and dishes which turn into choruses.

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    Under Winter Jazz 2014 spelas dansk och internationell jazz över hela Köpenhamn.

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    Taste of Emotions blandar kulinariskt konstnärskap med videokonst i ett experimentellt evenemang, som har utformats för att locka alla sinnen.

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    Copenhagen is one of Europe’s top gourmet capitals and home to New Nordic Cuisine. The city also has Scandinavia’s largest twice-annual culinary festival and has a buzzing bistro and slow food scene.

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    Copenhagen is renowned for being northern Europe's largest festival city. Numerous festivals are held during the year with themes ranging from pop and jazz to film, ballet, design and the visual arts.

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    FROST är en serie musikevenemang som går av stapeln i och omkring Köpenhamn under hela februari FROST använder staden, dess byggnader och stadsområden som lekplats och laboratorium varifrån publiken får uppleva musik i nya och överraskande sammanhang.

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    Copenhagen has earned itself quite a unique reputation as a gastronomic capital recent year. The 2013 edition of the Michelin Guide Rouge awarded Copenhagen’s restaurants a total of 15 stars, a record high for Copenhagen.

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    Home to the world's best restaurant three years in a row, European Green Capital in 2014 and the world's most livable city in 2013. These are just some of the titles and awards that Copenhagen has received the last few years. Here are some of the highlights from Copenhagen and Denmark since 2010.

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    Designmuseum Danmark hosts another museum experience after dark, as the museum opens its doors for about 50 visitors on 20 and 21 February.

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    Report from a maritime allotment mussel inspection in the city elected European Green Capital 2014.

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    Copenhagen Cooking Copenhagen Cooking is the most trendsetting food-festival in Northern Europe, attracting both national and international visitors to a culinary Copenhagen. Our goal is to broaden the knowledge about Nordic food culture, from local produce to gastronomic meal.

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    Hotel SP34 is an exclusive 4+ boutique hotel in the Latin Quarter of Copenhagen. Hotel SP34 opened in April 2014 with 118 rooms, 2 a la carte restaurants, 4 bars, serviced rooftop terrace, conference facilities and an exclusive private cinema with 25 seats. The target group is ”Luxury Bohemians” amongst business people, conference participants and tourists.

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    Ask the world’s top 50 chefs to pick their favorite restaurant in the world. They just have. The answer is restaurant noma in Copenhagen run by head chef Rene Redzepi. By successfully reinventing the Nordic cuisine, noma has catapulted into being number one on British Restaurant Magazine’s restaurant list. Forget about foie gras and coq au vin! Musk ox, wild birds and local berries are in!

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    Eat organic street food in Eurovision Village, quench your thirst with free tap water in the Aqua Bar and let the kids rollick in the Green Room. When the Eurovision Song Contest hits the capital of Denmark 4 - 10 May, it is not just about music and parties. Copenhagen has been appointed European Green Capital 2014 with the tagline Sharing Copenhagen, and the green visions of the region will play a vital role in the hosting of ESC 2014.

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    Construction of the Arp-Hansen Hotel Group’s new Wakeup Hotel at Borgergade 9-11 is in full swing. Everything is going to plan, and the opening is scheduled for summer 2014. The hotel, which was originally planned to contain 341 rooms in the new building, is now set to become even bigger as the Group has managed to acquire the neighbouring property, Borgergade 13. Wakeup Copenhagen Borgergade will now have a total of 498 rooms, the last 157 of which are expected to be ready in autumn 2014. The entire project is being carried out in collaboration with architect Kim Utzon.

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    The National Gallery of Denmark has teamed up with FROST Festival for a special edition of its popular SMK Friday Bar on 7 February.

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    En ny generation av häpnadsväckande jazzmusiker är på uppgång i USA.

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    Designmuseum Danmark arrangerar en annan museiupplevelse efter mörkrets inbrott, när museet öppnar sina dörrar för ca 50 besökare den 20 och 21 februari.

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    Taking over both established and alternative venues across the city, FROST presents a wide range of high quality acts.

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    Musikfestivalen FROST tar över både etablerade och alternativa scener i staden och presenterar ett brett utbud av högkvalitativa framträdanden.

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    Statens museum for Kunst har slagit sig ihop med musikfestivalen FROST för en specialutgåva av museets populära fredagsbar den 7 februari.

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    Fram till nu har Christian IV:s bryggeri aldrig varit öppet för allmänheten. Genom en serie konserter arrangerade av FROST bjuder vi in till ett slags inflyttningsfest, då besökarna får uppleva de danska banden The Mountains och Turboweekend som båda uppträder i det gamla spannmålsmagasinet på första våningen.

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    Arp-Hansen Hotel Group består av 11 privatägda och centralt belägna hotell i Köpenhamn, dessa är Phoenix Copenhagen, 71 Nyhavn Hotel, Imperial Hotel, Grand Hotel, The Square, Tivoli Hotel, Copenhagen Island, Copenhagen Strand, Hotel Opera, Gentofte Hotel och Wakeup Copenhagen.

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    Following six years of extensive refurbishment, the magnificent Kokkedal Castle Copenhagen now offers hospitality of unrivalled exclusivity. Classic reception desk hospitality has been replaced by highly qualified hosts and hostesses who welcome guests to the 250-year-old castle and its 62 resplendent luxury rooms.

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    In 1960, the legendary Danish designer was the visionary behind the world’s first design hotel, now called Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Copenhagen. The hotel’s most popular room remains the iconic Room 606, which is kept exactly as originally designed by Arne Jacobsen. Now, Radisson Blu Royal Hotel pays tribute to its creator by re-designing Room 506 together with Spanish designer, Jaime Hayon.

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    In 2014, Copenhagen will be the official European Green Capital a title bestowed upon a city with well-established record of achieving high environmental standards, is committed to meeting ambitious goals, and acts as a role model to other cities.

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    Ever since the Danish capital became host city of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 a team of dedicated people have been working round the clock to get Copenhagen ready. The details are yet to be developed, but here are the highlights of what to expect from host city Copenhagen. We hope you will join us in May.

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    Denmark is hosting the world’s largest music competition, Eurovision Song Contest 2014, in the capital city, Copenhagen, in May. It will be a fantastic and engaging event across Europe with an expected TV audience of 170 million viewers worldwide and an estimated 190,000 people in Copenhagen during a two-week period.

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