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    The new 2014 Michelin-guide ‘Main Cities of Europe’ is just released. Copenhagen got 17 Michelin stars for 15 restaurants in total. Two stars more than last year and more than ever before. Restaurant Studio ran by former Noma chef Torsten Vilgaard, the twin brothers Jonathan and Alexander Berntsen’s restaurant Clou, and last but certainly not least Ronny Emborg’s restaurant Marchal located at hotel d’Angleterre are the new shooting stars with now one Michelin-star each.       

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    In February, you can enjoy Danish and international jazz concerts around Copenhagen, interactive food and theatre experience that stimulates all senses and gastro cruises in Copenhagen harbor. The full programme for Copenhagen’s culture month Wondercool are now ready. Read more at and get ready for an exquisite cultural experience in Copenhagen.

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    Copenhagen’s culture month, Wondercool, which runs throughout February, lets you explore the lesser-known Copenhagen, celebrate blue gold and Nordic cuisine, listen to music in basement car parks, take a ‘behind the scenes’ look at architecture and enjoy MAD Mondays.

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    In 2014, Copenhagen will be the official European Green Capital a title bestowed upon a city with well-established record of achieving high environmental standards, is committed to meeting ambitious goals, and acts as a role model to other cities.

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    The most frequently asked questions about Copenhagen Card.

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    Ever since the Danish capital became host city of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 a team of dedicated people have been working round the clock to get Copenhagen ready. The details are yet to be developed, but here are the highlights of what to expect from host city Copenhagen. We hope you will join us in May.

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    Hotel One of 24 Hilton Worldwide Properties Recognized at the Prestigious Awards.

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    Gastronomic safaris by boat, walks in Nordic Noir Copenhagen, concerts in warehouses and pop-up restaurants. Get ready for the Wondercool festival - Copenhagen’s cultural month of February.

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    This winter's edition of Copenhagen Cooking, which runs throughout February, pays tribute to blue gold, MAD Mondays, gastronomic quizzes and dishes which turn into choruses.

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    Love of freedom. Freedom to love. That was the slogan during World Outgames 2009 in Copenhagen, and it has never rung truer in Copenhagen than today. Copenhageners are open-minded, relaxed and tolerant people, and the capital city has long been a playground for both gay Danes and tourists. Here you can be free, open and most of all yourself. Read full article about LGBT Copenhagen

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    If your editorial team needs to know the 2015 Copenhagen Card prices, they are as follows.

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    Making Scandinavia China Ready is the primary ambition of the Chinavia II project. The Chinavia II project took its starting point in the research results of the Chinavia pilot project, which clearly demonstrated that Scandinavian destinations were largely invisible, inaccessible and inconvenient to Chinese travelers.

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    The new 2014 Michelin-guide ‘Main Cities of Europe’ is just released. Copenhagen got 17 Michelin stars for 15 restaurants in total. Two stars more than last year and more than ever before. Restaurant Studio ran by former Noma chef Torsten Vilgaard, the twin brothers Jonathan and Alexander Berntsen’s restaurant Clou, and last but certainly not least Ronny Emborg’s restaurant Marchal located at hotel d’Angleterre are the new shooting stars with now one Michelin-star each.       

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    The new 2014 Michelin-guide ‘Main Cities of Europe’ is just released. Copenhagen got 17 Michelin stars for 15 restaurants in total.

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    Ask the world’s top 50 chefs to pick their favorite restaurant in the world. They just have. The answer is restaurant noma in Copenhagen run by head chef Rene Redzepi. By successfully reinventing the Nordic cuisine, noma has catapulted into being number one on British Restaurant Magazine’s restaurant list. Forget about foie gras and coq au vin! Musk ox, wild birds and local berries are in!

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    Copenhagen is a genuine Christmas city, where it is impossible not to get in the spirit for the Christmas holiday season. The city oozes of Yuletide atmosphere with lights, decorations, trees, gift shopping, the smell of roasted almonds and the sound of Christmas carols in the street. The best place to soak up the atmosphere is at one of Copenhagen’s Christmas markets, where you can buy decorations and gifts as well as treat your taste buds to Danish Christmas sweets and warm mulled wine. Here are five Christmas markets not to be missed in the Danish capital.

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    What better way to get in the mood for Christmas than to enjoy a Christmas ballet, exhibition or concert? Copenhagen is full of them during the month of December. So after a long day of Christmas shopping and eating, strolling around in the cold with a warm cup of mulled wine trying to keep warm, all you have to do is enjoy the show.

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    Unbeatable Copenhagen – the Danish capital ranked as world’s most liveable city once again In the July/August issue of the global lifestyle magazine Monocle, Copenhagen was once again proclaimed the world's most liveable city in Monocle’s Quality of Life Survey. That makes Copenhagen the first three-time winner ever. Copenhagen defends its top rank thanks to a unique combination of culture, tolerance, well functioning public transport, sun appreciation, green spaces, global connectivity and clever architecture.

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    Copenhagen has earned itself quite a unique reputation as a gastronomic capital recent year. The 2013 edition of the Michelin Guide Rouge awarded Copenhagen’s restaurants a total of 15 stars, a record high for Copenhagen.

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    Copenhagen wins OUT Traveler Award: "Where to Go Next/Breakout Destination". The LGBT-friendly city was nominated by - The Standard of Gay Travel - and voted for by its readers.

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    The 7 - 23rd February it is time for the 14th edition of the Winter Jazz Fest (in Danish: Vinterjazz). Vinterjazz is the only nationwide music festival in Denmark. The 2014 edition of Vinterjazz is bigger than ever, presenting more than 400 concerts, spread well to 75 venues across the country, which is a significant improvement on the last year's 300 concerts at 60 venues.

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    When the route from Copenhagen Central Station to Nyhavn harbour is transformed into a Eurovision Fan Mile from 4 - 10 May 2014, at least three foreign cities will be represented along the route. Beijing, Hamburg and Malmö have all accepted an invitation to join the festivities in Copenhagen with a cultural programme of their own.

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    Copenhagen Street Food on the Paper Island will soon contain 38 international food trucks and containers at the food market in the heart of Copenhagen Harbour.

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    Report from a maritime allotment mussel inspection in the city elected European Green Capital 2014.

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    Drop by and meet International Press Officer Henrik Thierlein from Wonderful Copenhagen at WTM 14, 3 - 4 November from 10am to 6pm at the Danish stand EM620.

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    Copenhagen is truly a green city surrounded by water and parks, with climate-friendly citizens to match. Copenhageners excel in combining sustainable solutions with growth and a high quality of life. In fact, Copenhagen was European Green Capital 2014. The ambitious green profile of the city has a clear goal: The City of Copenhagen aims to become the world's first CO2 neutral capital by 2025. Experience it for yourself. Swim in the clean waters of the city’s harbour baths, stay in a sustainable hotel, eat organic, and ride the electric city bikes around the old maritime city.

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    In Copenhagen practically everyone rides a bike. There are more than 300km of bicycle lanes and many guided bicycle tours. So hop on a bike and discover Copenhagen by pedal power!

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    Copenhagen is a world-class city for the discerning and sophisticated clientele. With five-star hotels, Michelin restaurants and Danish design, Copenhagen has marked itself as an exclusive destination.

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    “Copenhagen Liveability” is a holiday concept containing three experience routes with a point of departure in the certain Copenhagen liveability combining the old and the new, castles and cutting-edge architecture and culture.

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    A perfect summer’s day in Copenhagen is when the sun is shining and everything is green and blossoming. Start the day with a brunch at one of the many outdoor cafées or enjoy Copenhagen like the locals do by hanging out in one of the many parks or at the harbour baths. Copenhagen also offers a wide variety of festivals during the summer.

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    In Copenhagen, it is easy to get around, also for people who have limp impairments or need the service of a wheelchair. 

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    Winter in Copenhagen includes a cozy atmosphere, ice rinks, hot chocolate and tea at one of the city’s cafés and of course Christmas time. As you can see, you will not get bored visiting Copenhagen on a cold winter’s day.

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    In Copenhagen children are the focal point of city life. With its numerous parks and playgrounds, baths and beaches, reserved places on buses and trains for prams and reductions at all museums, galleries and attractions and more, Copenhagen marks itself as an ideal destination for even the youngest traveler.

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    Copenhagen is one of Europe’s top gourmet capitals and home to New Nordic Cuisine. The city also has Scandinavia’s largest twice-annual culinary festival and has a buzzing bistro and slow food scene.

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    48 hours in one of the world’s most liveable cities lets you discover its classic attractions – and gives you time to hotfoot some of the Copenhagen’s coolest urban villages.

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    24 hours in a city of urban design, boutique shopping and royal heritage – Copenhagen offers world-class experiences within easy walking or cycling distance of your hotel or cruise ship.

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    An open city with a freewheeling spirit – a city of design, fashion and inspiring New Nordic gourmet. There are many good reasons to visit Copenhagen and for the LGBT community there are even more.

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    Young, budget-strapped but cool? A green, open city with a buzzing street life, Copenhagen has much to offer those travelling on a shoestring – from urban parks and free museums to hipster hangouts.

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    Climate-friendly hotels, organic eateries and sustainable transportation the world’s most liveable cities – Copenhagen has much to offer the eco-conscious traveller.

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    The history of the Jewish community in Denmark is an amazing story of creative brilliance and of dramatic rescue during World War II. Among the great Danes of Jewish descent are Nobel-winning physicist Niels Bohr and legendary architect Arne Jacobsen.

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    Copenhagen will soon get a new design hotel with a cult factor. As a combination between a hotel and hostel, and 950 beds in a total of 225 rooms, Urban House is located in the trendy neighbourhood of Vesterbro.

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    Denmark is hosting the world’s largest music competition, Eurovision Song Contest 2014, in the capital city, Copenhagen, in May. It will be a fantastic and engaging event across Europe with an expected TV audience of 170 million viewers worldwide and an estimated 190,000 people in Copenhagen during a two-week period.

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    The 36th edition of Copenhagen Jazz Festival starts Friday, July 4, and offers 10 days of sumptuous jazz fest throughout Copenhagen and Frederiksberg. With 100 venues and more than 120 concerts a day is Copenhagen Jazz Festival one of Europe’s largest jazz events.

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    Copenhagen might not be a metropolis like London or New York, but our city is still too big to see in its entirety by walking on your own two feet. Besides, Copenhagen is famously known for being a green capital with myriads of cyclists on our endless miles of bike lanes - so why not experience Copenhagen on a bike like a native? CPHmade offers you a two hour bike tour with an English speaking guide who will show you around the city on a late morning tour. You rent the bike from us, we show you the way and we will have you back two hours later.

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    Copenhagen has just been awarded a record-breaking 18 Michelin stars, in the first ever edition of ‘Guide Michelin Nordic Cities 2015’, published today. Three restaurants outside of Copenhagen were also rewarded with one star each, making the total stars for Denmark 21.

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