Save with a Copenhagen Card

To make it easier when visiting Copenhagen cruise guests can buy a Copenhagen Card.

It includes free entrance to 79 museums and attractions, unlimited transportation with bus, train and Metro, and discounts on restaurants, attractions and entertainment.

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Further, Wonderful Copenhagen provides a specific Copenhagen Cruise Card that is valid for 12 hours and entitles the card holder to three visits of own choice together with free public transportation in the entire Copenhagen Region.

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Benefits in bullets:
- Three visits – choose between 79 museums and attractions
- Free public transportation by bus, train and Metro (zone 1-99)
- Discounts on restaurants, attractions and entertainment
- Bring along two children under 10 for free

Card type Adult (16+) - Children (10-15)
24 timer 389dkk/53 € - 199dkk/27 €
48 timer 549dkk/74 € - 279dkk/38 €
72 timer 659dkk/89 € - 329dkk/45 €
120 timer 889dkk/120 € - 449dkk/61 €
Copenhagen Cruise Card 299dkk/40 €

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