Earn commission by selling Copenhagen Card

Dear Tour Operator or Travel Agent. Thank you for your interest in becoming a Copenhagen Card sales agent.

To offer your cruise clients a Copenhagen Card when they book a tour to Copenhagen is not only beneficial for them, but will also be profitable for you and add to your provided service and package deals.

As a Copenhagen Card sales agent you will have a 10% commission to all Copenhagen Card types.

Copenhagen Cruise Card.
Copenhagen Cruise Card is available as a 12-hour card and entitles the card holder to three visits of own choice together with free public transportation in the entire Copenhagen Region.
Prices of Copenhagen Cruise Card: 299 DKK / 40 EUR

Copenhagen Card
The card is available for adults (16+) and children (10-15 years). Two children (0-9 years) are included in an adult card. The duration of the cards is either 24, 48, 72 or 120 hours.

Benefits for your client:
- Free entry to 79 museums and attractions
- Free transport by bus, train and Metro in the entire Copenhagen Region.
- Discounts on restaurants, sights and entertainment.
- Two children (0-9 years) included in an adult card.


Card type Adult (16+) Children (10-15)
24 hours 389dkk/53 € 199dkk/27 €
48 hours 549dkk/74 € 279dkk/38 €
72 hours 659dkk/89 € 329dkk/45 €
120 hours   889dkk/120 €  449dkk/61 €


How to order online:
If you have any questions, or if you wish to become a Copenhagen Card sales agent, please contact copenhagencard@woco.dk

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