About CruiseCopenhagen

CruiseCopenhagen was established in 1992 and consists of all the key players within the Danish cruise industry.

Over the years, our partners have gained all the experience and knowledge needed in order to execute a smooth operation, both when it comes to transit and turnarounds.

The competences and quality focus of our partners have resulted in several awards within the international cruise industry. These awards have not only been given by the cruise media, but more importantly from some of the key operators within the business.

The network comprises of more than 50 dedicated partners working within all the key sectors, e.g. destination management, transportation, attractions, hotels etc.

Beyond Copenhagen

CruiseCopenhagen is not only representing the Danish capital, but also several other beautiful destinations in Denmark that have experienced growth over the past few years.

These destinations are spread out over the entire country from Skagen in Northern Denmark to Rønne located on the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. All of the destinations offer something different and unique.

In 2017, the Danish cruise destinations will welcome more than 1 mio. cruise guests.

Furthermore, the 2017 cruise season had the first ship calling early January and the last ship in October. In addition, another few ships will call in December for the popular Christmas cruises.



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