Wondercool – Cultural February 2014

You might want to bring a sweater when going to Wondercool in Copenhagen during February. In return, you are guaranteed lots of cultural warmth, when nine festivals and institutions join forces to bring you events that will tempt the ears, delight the taste buds and indulge the aesthetic senses.

Visitors will have the chance to sample a cocktail of fashion, design, gastronomy, art, music and architecture. Wondercool turns Copenhagen’s winter grey February into a colourful cultural month, with trendsetting events by Copenhagen Cooking, FOKUS video art festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Design museum Denmark, Danish Architecture Centre, Louisiana – museum of modern art, SMK - National Gallery of Denmark, Copenhagen Fashion Festival and FROST music festival.

For further information please contact:

Project Manager Pernille Sander

Email: psa@woco.dk

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