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Wednesday, March 15, 2017 is the official tourism website of the capital region of Copenhagen. We are run by Wonderful Copenhagen the official convention, event and visitor bureau of Copenhagen. The content you will find on this website is editorial. Our first and foremost goal is to fulfill the needs of the city's visitors. Then the tourism partners. The site is written or edited by a web editor and a communications intern. 

Editorial content

We carefully select what we write about according to the following editorial line. Apart from a very few selected partners, no one can buy coverage on the site. The limitied amount of paid content is clearly labelled as such.

This is Copenhagen
Our brand story of Copenhagen covers five focus areas, which are Design & architecture, Gastronomy, Diversity (LGBT), Sustainability and Fairy tale. The framework for our editorial line always supports the brand story and the five focus areas.

Less is more
Copenhagen has a lot to offer, and we do not cover everything in the city. We believe it would make it harder and more confusing for a foreign visitor. Thus what you will find on this website is a selection of what we believe to be the very best, and sometimes coolest or funniest. This constantly changes and is of course subjective, but we believe we are among the best people to do the job. We base our decisions on personal visits to the places, and we pay close attention to reviews by other media like,, etc. In addition our colleagues at Copenhagen Visitor Centre constantly informs us of feedback from visitors.

We cover the capital region of Copenhagen, but with a main focus on the city of Copenhagen and to some extent Greater Copenhagen. We cover major attractions in North Sealand, but leave the rest to

We only cover attractions and events that are accessible and relevant for tourists. Thus events and attractions must be open to tourists, i.e. we do not cover business or trade events. Activities and attractions must be communicated in English as a minimum, in order for non-Danish speaking visitors to understand.

Thematic content
We produce a broad selection of guides, visitor trails and themes to experiencing Copenhagen on the visitor's own. Thus we also write about small and what might seem odd places, which might seem insignificant in general, but is specifically interesting in the context of a specific theme.

Major events
We cover a selection of the city's major events and recurring festivals within our five focus areas. We also recommend major events with a link a month ahead. You will find these in the See & do menu. We do not cover all events in the city. Instead we link to relevant websites for more information. 

We try to keep our content as updated as possible, but cannot take responsibility for changes in ex opening hours, admission fees, etc. To be on the safe side, we recommend that you always visit the places' own websites to get the latest updates.

For questions regarding our editorial policy or editorial input, please email

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