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Figuring out the prices of public transportation in Copenhagen can be tricky. The possibilities can seem endless. Thus we have gathered a little information about the different kinds of tickets you can use in Copenhagen and how much they cost.

You can buy different kinds of tickets when using public transportation in Copenhagen. It all depends on how long you are staying in the city, and how much you are planning on using public transportation.

Where to buy tickets in person

Always buy a ticket before boarding the train or metro. You can buy your ticket in ticket machines, which accept Danish cash and the most common credit cards, or 7 Eleven kiosks at the train and metro stations. In Copenhagen Airport arrival hall and at Copenhagen Central Station there is a DSB ticket office as well as ticket machines. Please note that not all ticket types/travel cards are for sale via machines.

Onboard the buses in Copenhagen, you also have the possibility to buy your ticket from the driver, if you bring small change. The same ticket can be used in the metro, bus, train and harbour bus. Always have your ticket with you in case a conductor wants to see it. Travelling without a valid ticket will result in a fine of up to DKK 750.

Pay with your smartphone or online

Download the app "Mobilbilletter Hovedstaden" in App Store and Google Play and pay for your tickets on the go. Once you have downloaded the app, click on "Indstillinger" (settings) in the right hand lower corner and click on "English" under "Sprog" (language). Then you will get the English version of the app. From there you can select the fare you need and enter your credit card details.

You can also buy your bus, train and metro tickets online.

24 hours in all zones

With a 24-hour ticket you can travel for 24 hours unlimited by bus, train, metro and harbour bus in all the zones of the capital region, including trips to Roskilde, Elsinore or other parts of North Sealand. The 24-hour adult ticket costs DKK 130. One adult can bring along two children under the age of 12 free on a 24-hour ticket. Children under the age of 16 can buy a 24-hour ticket at DKK 65.

Copenhagen Card

With a Copenhagen Card in hand you don’t have to worry about zones and ticket prices, as you get unlimited transportation in the entire Capital Region (including to/from Copenhagen Airport). In addition, you get free admission to more than 70 attractions and museums as well as discounts on several restaurants, cafés, sightseeing activities etc.

The Copenhagen Card is valid for 24, 48, 72 or 120 hours.

You can easily preorder your Copenhagen Card online and pick it up upon arrival in Copenhagen. You can e.g. pick up your Copenhagen Card in Copenhagen Airport and start using it right away on e.g. the Metro to the city center.

City Pass

The City Pass gives you unlimited access to buses, trains, metro and harbour buses in zones 1 - 4, which includes the centre of Copenhagen and to and from the airport. An adult 24-hour City Pass costs DKK 80 and an adult 72-hour City Pass costs DKK 200. If you are under 16, a 24-hour City Pass costs DKK 40 and a 72-hour City Pass costs DKK 100. Buy the City Pass online, and receive it as a text which can be used immediatly. 

Single trip ticket

A regular ticket is a single trip ticket. You have to buy the amount of zones needed to get to your destination. 2 and 3 zone tickets are valid for one hour. 4, 5 and 6 zone tickets are valid for an hour and a half. 7, 8 and 9 zone tickets are valid for two hours. Please note that this does not refer to the number of the specific zones, but the amount of zones you have bought. Check the back of your ticket if you are in doubt. During this time you can use your ticket all you want in the metro, bus, train and harbour bus, as long as you do not pass through more zones than your ticket allows.

Zone tickets cost between DKK 24 (for 2 zones) and DKK 108 (for all zones). 2 zones will cover most travel in Copenhagen city centre, whereas an all zone ticket will get you to Elsinore, Roskilde or Frederikssund in the capital region.

Flexcard - 7 days

You can also purchase a 7-day unlimited travel card called a Flexcard. It gives you unlimited travel in your choice of zones. The price is from DKK 250 - 675. The card is available for longer periods of time as well.


Rejsekortet is a new travel card for people with a permanent address in Denmark. The concept is that you buy a travel card that you add money to, and every time you travel, you check in and out by scanning the card, and the price for your journey is then withdrawn from your card balance. The card, however, needs to be preordered before arrival and mailed to an address in Denmark. Thus we do not really recommend this option to visitors.

If you wish to use the travel card anyway, you can buy an anonymous card called "Rejsekort Anonymt". This type of card does not require an address or any personal information. The card itself costs DKK 80, and when you buy it at a ticket office or one of the Rejsekort machines, there will be added another DKK 100 for your future travels. Rejsekort Anonymt can be bought at the Rejsekort machines or at various kiosks or supermarkets. Cards purchased at a kiosk or a supermarket will cost DKK 250 - which is DKK 80 for the card and an extra DKK 170 for future travels.  

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