Paper Island

Paper Island has a prominent place in Copenhagen Harbour and offers a handful of creative buildings with everything from art to showrooms and street food. 

With the Opera House and The Royal Playhouse as its next door neighbours, Paper Island has a central location in the heart of the harbour.

The island is home to the grey industrial halls that served as paper storage for the Procurement Association of the Danish Press for many decades, hence the name Paper Island. When they terminated their contract, the halls were left empty - ready to be explored and experimented with. 

Previously there was no public access to the island. However, today everyone can go to the island and enjoy the new upcoming island of Copenhagen.

Old halls, new life. 

The big, raw halls and the surrounding area is in the process of undergoing a huge transformation from industrial area to a lively urban area with creative companies, art, cafees and much more. 

Some of the new island residents are Copenhagen Contemporary, Danish designer Henrik Vibskov and Copenhagen Street Food. The latter has taken over an entire hall, which is now filled with colourful and tasty food trucks with food from every corner of the world. 

Common to the island's new residents is that they have all settled on a temporary basis. The current contract runs until the end of 2017, and until then the plan is to take advantage of the island's potential and see what works and what does not.

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