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In case of an emergency while you are in Copenhagen, always dial 112. It is a free call which will connect you to the police, fire brigade or hospital. If you need a chemist or dentist, there are a few which are open 24 hours.
Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Police, fire brigade and ambulance

Call (+45) 112 for life threatening emergencies and ask for the police, fire department or ambulance service.
Call (+45) 1813 for injuries or sudden illness and speak to a nurse or doctor, or to go to a hospital emergency department.
Call (+45) 114 for police, when it is not an emergency.

Speak slowly and distinctly. State telephone number and address. Emergency calls from public pay phones are free. Go to the website of the Danish police.

24-hour chemist

There is no shortage of pharmacies in Copenhagen; just look for the green a sign that symbolises the Danish word for chemist: apotek.

Steno Apotek Vesterbrogade 6C 1620 Copenhagen V. Tel.: +45 3314 8266

Private doctor

The Private Doctor is on call seven days a week, 08:00 - 24:00. House or hotel calls within an hour. Prices start at DKK 1,400. House calls and clinic consultations are the same price. Acute dental treatment can also be organised. Tel.: +45 6075 4070

Hospital Emergency Wards

Call (+45) 1813 before going to a hospital emergency department. It will save you waiting time.

The following hospitals have 24-hour emergency wards:

Bispebjerg Hospital Bispebjerg Bakke 23 2400 Copenhagen NV. Tlf.: +45 3531 2373

Hvidovre Hospital Kettegårds Alle 30 2650 Hvidovre Tel.: +45 3632 2553

The following hospitals' emergency wards are open 07-22. For inquiries outside opening hours call (+45) 1813.

Frederikssund Hospital Frederikssundsvej 30 3600 Frederikssund Tel.: +45 4829 5000

Amager Hospital Italiensvej 1 2300 Copenhagen S. Tel.: +45 3234 3500   Frederiksberg Hospital Nordre Fasanvej 57 2000 Frederiksberg Tel.: +45 3816 3522

Gentofte Hospital Niels Andersens Vej 65 2900 Hellerup Tel.: +45 3977 3977   Glostrup Hospital Nordre Ringvej 57 2600 Glostrup Tel.: +45 3863 3863

Helsingør Hospital Esrumvej 145 3000 Helsingør Tel.: +45 4829 4949

Dentist - emergency only

Open daily 20:00 - 21:30, weekends and holidays also 10:00 - noon.

Tandlægevagten, Oslo Plads 14, 2100 Copenhagen Ø. Tel.: (+45) 1813

Sexual assaults

In case of a sexual assault, you should of course always contact the police, but in addition you can contact the Thora Centre anonymously and receive advice and treatment.

Missing children or sexually exploited children

Always contact the police. Then you might want to contact the European Hotline 116 000 for missing or sexually exploited children.

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