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Every fortnight one of our editors recommends five things to do in Copenhagen. From October 27 - November 10, the recommendations are by Wonderful Copenhagen's journalism intern Rasmus.
Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Days are getting shorter, nights are getting longer and the mood can become grey and dull in a time where leaves are more commonly found on the pavement than on branches. But there is nothing like a good musical, a delicious meal or a scary experience at Tivoli Gardens and you can be sure to have that frown turned upside down. Here are my five suggestions for the next two weeks. 

Nr 18
Photo: Nr 18

1. Just one course at Nr. 18
I love eating out and I’m very keen on trying Nr. 18, which recently opened up on Øster Farimagsgade with the most simple restaurant concept I have ever encountered – here’s just one course on the menu every day.
Nr. 18 is the third establishment by the five restaurateurs, who also run the successful 20a on Ravnsborggade and Sankt Annæ 8 on Christianshavn.
In addition to the meal of the day, which is served for only 125 DKK, you can also get the fish of the day for 145 DKK. There is however, also the possibility for a board of charcuteri for two persons for the mere cost of 100 DKK. It sounds great!
Find the menu of the day at their website.

Halloween in Tivoli Gardens
Photo by: Peter Nørby

2. A night of horror at Tivoli Gardens
The world-renowned theme park Tivoli Gardens has recently opened up for a fright and horror for Halloween, and it is a must see for anyone, regardless of age. More than 20.000 pumpkins, hundreds of coloured lamps and a range of black cats and flying witches are being placed around the rides and booths, who have been redesigned for the occasion.
Last year was a huge success, so Tivoli Gardens has decided to extend this year’s edition so Halloween can now be experienced till November 2.
Read more about the scary event at Tivoli.

The US Space & Rocketcenter, Huntsville, Alabama, USA
Photo by: The US Space & Rocketcenter, Huntsville, Alabama, USA

3. A trip to space
Real moon-rocks, moon-cars, astronaut food and amazing inventions for space travelling is being showcased at Bella Center at the exhibit ’Gateway to Space’, which takes place from October 16 to December 28.
The items are lend out by NASA and US Space & Rocket Center, and the exhibit will also feature a range of interactive pieces.
You can see a Russian space rocket, fly a fighter jet, experience a replica of the spaceship Orion, which in the future is supposed to fly people to Mars and the children can experience getting rocketed into space.
You never get to old for that!
The exhibit is 170 DKK for adults and children get in for 110 DKK.
Read more at Bella Center's website.

Photo by: Wundergrund

4. Amazing music at Wundergrund
New experimental music, installations, movies and a full day of improve-music are some of the things, you can look forward to at this year’s edition of the music festival Wundergrund, which will be located at different venues in Copenhagen from October 24 – November 15.
I personally look forward to the Arditti String Quartet, which is considered one of the best string quartets in the world. During their concert, they will be playing known pieces, but also a range of pieces from the Danish composer Hans Abrahamsen.
Read more at Wundergrund's website.

Photo by: Thomas Petri

5. A dangerrrrous musical
When I was nine years old, I first watched the musical Skatteøen (Treasure Island) with my family and since then, I have been waiting anxiously for it to get back on stage. It is finally here and is played till December 23.
There is going to be drama, action, shenanigans and world class musical acts.
Read more about the musical Skatteøen here.
NOTE: This is a Danish musical.


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