Copenhagen Marathon | Photo: Matthew James Harrison

Editor's choice: 5 things to do in May

Copenhagen Marathon | Photo: Matthew James Harrison

Our recommendations this month

February 16, 2017

Winter really seems to last forever this year. But, I trust that May will kickstart the Copenhagen summer - which really is my favourite time of year even though all seasons have their charm. Here's our top picks in May for all of you lucky people visiting the city this month.

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About Pernille

Pernille Kesje Møller

Title: Communications Intern
Age: 22
Lives: Nordvest
Loves: To draw, installation art, architecture, festivals and travelling 
Favourite breakfast: Grannys House
Favourite museum: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art 
Favourite spot: The Meatpacking District
Favourite event: Søndagsvenner
Favourite restaurant: Copenhagen Street Food