Eat your way around Copenhagen in 24 hours

If there’s anything guaranteed to make you fall in love with Copenhagen, it’s the cosy wine bars, friendly bakers, and people from all over the world whose charm and cuisine make this city such a wonderful place to be. You could spend a lifetime exploring, but if you only have 24 hours, this route is the perfect little taster
Friday, October 7, 2016

By: @madaboutcopenhagen

10:00 A sweet start

Photo: Mad About Copenhagen | @mettelindgaardPhoto: @mettelindgaard

No surprises here, your 24 hours of eating starts with a pastry (yes, even before your coffee). Nikolaos Strangas will charm his way into your heart with his oh-so-sticky cinnamon snails, and his oh-so-Greek warmth and generosity.

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13:00 A sandwich like no other

District Tonkin | Photo Mad About Copenhagen | @thehazertazerPhoto: @thehazertazer

Nickie Mydung is the humble and lovely owner of District Tonkin — a Vietnamese street food café where her bánh mì sandwiches take centre stage. We always go for the B2 — every bite is brilliant!

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15:00 Ice cream/more coffee

Café Det Vide Hus | Mad About Copenhagen | @rebekahchengPhoto: @rebekahcheng

After lunch, stroll over to Kongens Have and pop into Café Det Vide Hus where Claus will blow your mind with his homemade ice-cream-on-a-stick (flavours vary). Or, cosy up with another coffee (in Denmark you can never drink too much coffee).

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18:00 Wine and dine

Skt. Annæ 8 | Photo Mad About Copenhagen | @zintik_zintik Photo: @zintik_zintik

With your stomach nicely lined, it’s time to get your wine on! Cross the harbour to Sankt Annæ 8 — the cosiest wine bar in Christianshavn, with a small, ever-changing wine list and one delicious dish served every day for dinner.

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21:00 Streetfood by the water

Copenhagen Street Food | Photo Mad About Copenhagen | @thehazertazerPhoto: @thehazertazer

A moonlit stroll along the canal, to the always-buzzing Copenhagen Street Food. Grab a jar of wine, a chilli mojitos or a local beer from one of the many food-and-drink trucks. Sit by the water with a blanket and soak up the vibes and the harbour breeze.

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23:00 Nightlife

Balderdash | Photo Mad About Copenhagen | @thehazertazerPhoto: @thehazertazer

It may be getting dark, but the tour continues! Take yourself back into the city centre, to a little street called Valkendorfsgade, where you’ll find the notorious Balderdash and probably its owner, Geoffrey. A place for fun, (quality) drinking, and our favourite espresso martini in Copenhagen (ask for extra bacon salt)!

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02:00 Late night munchies?

Johns Hotdogs | Photo Mad About Copenhagen | @rosapussPhoto: @rosapuss

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! You can still find food on the streets at this early hour. Hotdog vans or “pølsevogne” are loved and worshipped by the Danes, and Johns is one of the city’s favourites, usually to be found outside Hovedbanegården (Copenhagen Central Station), or in Kødbyen in the early hours of the morning! 

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