Donkey Republic

Book your bike on your mobile device, unlock and off you go. 

Donkey Republic offers bikes in 20+ locations around Copenhagen - accessible via your mobile phone 24/7. Riders need internet to book, but no internet is needed after booking to unlock and ride the bikes - therefore no roaming is required. (It works with bluetooth).

Book a bike, switch on bluetooth after locating your bike, and you are ready to jump in the saddle and experience Copenhagen.

Every bike has a special smart lock, which connects to the rider’s phone via bluetooth. By providing these locks to bike owners, Donkey Republic is spreading the good vibes of cycling around the world.

How it works:

Riders need to book a Donkey bike from or Donkey Republic App. Once booked, riders need the Donkey Republic App on their smartphone in order to unlock the bikes. The App supports most phones; iOS 8+ and Android 4.3+.

You then take the bikes wherever you like during your chosen rental period. At the end of the rental, you bring the bike back to the hub where you picked it up.

Donkey Republic has developed the system especially with tourists in mind, since they don’t always have internet connection on the mobile device when out in the city and away from the hotel’s wifi.

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