The Lakes, Copenhagen

Copenhagen voted Europe's greenest capital

In front of 17 other countries, Copenhagen was Friday voted Europe's Green Capital for 2014 by the European Environment Commission.
Monday, July 2, 2012

The world's first Bike City, ambitions of being the world's first co2 neutral capital by 2025, and harbor water so clean that you can take a bath in the open air bathing facilities in the center of the city.

These are just three examples of the sustainable development that has been going on recent years in Copenhagen. 

The city has for a long time been a role-model for its eco-innovation, and on Friday 29 June Copenhagen received The European Green Capital award. The award is an annual prize that encourages cities to improve quality of urban life by systematically taking the environment into account in urban planning and management.

EU Environement Commisioner Janes Potočnik said:
"I congratulate Copenhagen on the example they are setting. We have much to learn from the city's efforts to improve the environment and quality of life for citizens, whilst creating new business opportunities, and I look forward to their year as European Green Capital. They will have numerous occasions to showcase their expertise and their creative approach to urban planning and to developing a green economy."

18 cities applied for the competition and three cities were shortlisted: Bristol, Copenhagen and Frankfurt.

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