The Cisterns x Sambuichi - The Water

The exhibition lets you travel through an underground sea of light and darkness in the spectacular Cisterns, deep under the beautiful Søndermarken in Frederiksberg.

Renowned Japanese architect Hiroshi Sambuichi modifies the monumental underground space and utilises the details and natural phenomena of the Earth as building materials. This is distinctive to his approach to his works where natural elements meet the surrounding space and his architectural creative skills.

Don’t miss this exhibition which is a perfect reason to visit one of Copenhagen’s most popular green spaces; Søndermarken – a park in Frederiksberg, right outside Copenhagen Zoo.

Opening hours that follow the sun

In accordance with the working method of Sambuichi, the opening hours of the exhibition will vary with the length of day. Open from sunrise to sunset means that during winter, the exhibition will close as the sun sets at 3pm and during the brightest summer months The Cisterns will stay open until 8pm. Stay updated on the changing opening hours at    

The exhibition is part of the official celebration in 2017 of the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Denmark and Japan.

Creating symbiosis between nature and architecture

Sambuichi’s buildings give form to the character and hidden qualities of a specific place. The accumulation of ice on surrounding tree branches can dictate the structure of a building, and the direction of the wind can inform the format and function of a roof. Instead of creating a physical boundary between nature and architecture, he creates a symbiosis.

The architecture of Sambuichi is driven by the forces of nature, and his low-tech approach has become an admirable example of how to inhabit the Earth in a sustainable way and how to face the global challenges of the 21st century.

Opening hours

21/03/2017 - 28/02/2018 Tuesday - Sunday

Admission Price


60.00 DKK

Seniors and students

50.00 DKK

Under 18


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