Bus in Copenhagen
Copenhagen has an efficient bus system that consists of regular buses as well as harbour buses. Night buses are also available, so no matter when and where you are, there's always a bus that will take you wherever you need to go.

Time schedules

The seven A-buses are the primary buses in central Copenhagen. They drive every 3-7 minutes during rush hour (which is between 07:00-09:00 in the morning and 15:30-17:30 in the afternoon) and usually about every 10 minutes before and after rush hour.

The A-buses serve at all hours.

The S-buses drive every 5-10 minutes during rush hour and every 20 minutes outside of rush hour. The S-buses are faster than the A-busses due to fewer stops. They usually serve between 06:00 in the morning and 01:00 at night.

How to get home at night

You might be wondering how you will get home at night if you stay out late, or how you get the airport in the middle of the night. Do not worry; there are buses in service at night as well. The night buses in Copenhagen are in service between 01:00 at night and 05:00 in the morning. You will be able to recognize them by their grey colour at the bus stop and their line number, which is always followed by an N, for example 85N. These buses are in service every night, all year round, and the ticket price is the same as during the day.

What are you allowed to bring on the bus?

Strollers and prams are allowed on the bus for free; however, there is only room for two units on each bus.

Small pets that can be transported in carriers are also allowed on the bus for free. Bigger dogs (meaning dogs that do not fit into carriers) are not allowed on the A-busses unless it is a service dog. Bigger dogs are allowed on other buses as long as it is not during rush hour. They do not ride the bus for free though; children’s fare is required for your furry friend.

Please note that pets are not allowed in the front rows of the bus, only in the back.

You are also allowed to bring other items on the bus, such a musical instruments, skis, luggage, etc. as long as it does not bother the other passengers.

Harbour bus

Copenhagen also offers buses on water, also known as the harbour bus. The harbour buses sail between Refshaleøen and Teglholmen and have several stops in between. They sail every 30 minutes on weekdays and every 45 minutes during the weekend. Furthermore, there is a harbour bus that sails back and forth between Nyhavn and the Opera on weekdays and before/after performances at the Opera.

The harbour bus requires the same tickets as a regular bus, and you are also allowed to bring your bike, stroller, etc. Each station has a ramp that will make it easier for you to get on and off the harbour bus.

Tickets, prices and zones

Read more about tickets and prices and zones or buy a City Pass for 24 or 72 hours.